To-Do List

Lately (5.27.13)

Hello out there! You may remember that last summer I did a blog series called Insta-Monday. I had a lot of fun doing it, but took a break from it for the school year. Well it’s summer again, and summer is for adventures, and adventures are for sharing. Brad and I have a lot of fun ahead of us this summer and we are looking forward to taking advantage of (probably our only) summer in Springfield. Therefore, I’m bringing back the blog series, but changing the name, since I don’t always use Instagram to edit my photos. So be looking for “Lately” every week (but probably on Monday)!


Brad had the morning off on Wednesday, so we ate at our favorite breakfast place in Springfield, Gailey’s. We’ve tried a lot of breakfast places in Springfield, and Gailey’s has been the best! You should check it out if you live in the area.




Brad and I checked an item off of our Springfield Bucket List on Friday! We attended our first Springfield Cardinals game. I’m a Royals fan at heart, but love going to any baseball game. Unfortunately, they didn’t win, but it was still a fun time.


This is Minnie. She’s my neighbor’s dog and she loves me and I love her.



Brad and I took a break from shopping on Saturday and hit up Elle’s Patisserie for some delicious ice cream. It’s so cute! If you live in Springfield, you should definitely check it out!


I’m really excited about this book! I read about the research done with HeLa cells all the time and I’m really looking forward to learning the story of the woman they came from! I just finished Twelve Diseases That Changed Our World, so I guess I’m on a bit of a science-kick when it comes to leisurely reading.


We have season tickets to Silver Dollar City this year. Sunday was a beautiful day, so we headed down to Branson after church. We rode the new ride, Outlaw Run, and I loved it! I think Wildfire remains my favorite, but it was still really great.


And of course we had to finish our day with the best part about SDC, a funnel cake and a cheap drink with a really old SDC cup.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day! We are spending it the best way to spend Memorial Day, at a cookout with friends :) See you next week!

Springfield Bucket List

Brad and I have lived in Springfield, MO, for almost three months now. We’ve experienced some really cool stuff, like Rutledge Wilson Farm, Grad School, and Big Mama’s Coffee. We’re both locked into two year commitments here in the Ozarks, so we really want to make the most of our time here! What does that mean? Bucket list. I’ll blog about our favorites!

Springfield Cardinals Game: Brad and I are loyal Royals fans and always will be, but we have to admit that Springfield Cardinals games sound pretty fun. This year’s season is over, but we’ve got next year!

Silver Dollar City at Christmas: Okay so this is Branson, but it’s only thirty minutes down the road! I’ve only been to SDC at Christmas once when I was little, so I’m really excited to go back this year, especially with my hubby :)

Visit every coffee shopI’ve already posted about this one. We like coffee. There are a lot of neat coffee shops in Springfield, so of course we have to visit them all! We’re already hit up a few! Some that are still on our list are Heroes, Dancing Mule, and The Potter’s House.

See a movie at the MoxieThe Moxie is our local hipster movie theater; they show independent and foreign films. Plus it’s a non-profit that has kids programs! It’s really unique and something we didn’t have in Bolivar or back home, so we’re looking forward to experiencing this piece of Springfield.

Eat at Aunt Martha’s Pancake HouseAunt Martha’s has been open for over 53 years! I hear it’s delicious, and I mean how can you really go wrong with pancakes?

There are, of course, many other things we are excited to do in Springfield, but these are the big ones! I’ll keep you updated on our adventures! Plus, we’d love more suggestions! Have a happy fall weekend.


Paint my nightstand

I have completed the first item on my Summer To-Do List! My old nightstand got a makeover for its new home in Springfield!



My BF and I had written verses and encouraging words on our nightstands four years ago to bring us smiles and inspiration at college. I loved it, but I want to get a completely different look for it this time around.



I’m on a budget, and, knowing me, I’ll be repainting this nightstand within the next couple of years, so I didn’t want to break the bank on paint. I went for the cheapest paint at Walmart. I used ColorPlace Interior Flat in Summer Sunflower. The finished product turned out to be brighter than the paint swatch was, but it still turned out well and I’m satisfied with the color.


This was at one coat of paint. I ended up doing three coats total.




My new nightstand! I really like how it turned out. I think it’s going to look great in our bedroom!

Also, my handsome man has been blogging himself lately. He’s the real writer, so you should take a look!

Summer To-Do List

Do you remember a few months ago I had a To-Do List? There were a few things I really wanted/ needed to get done, so I decided to blog about each one as it was completed. I think everyone has summer projects they hope to accomplish over these hot couple of months. Well summer is in full swing and I think it’s about time I get started on my list. So here it is! Now you better keep me accountable to get all of this done in the next 49 days!

Paint my nightstand: I have this really great nightstand that my mom picked up from a garage sale years ago. The summer after graduation, my best friend and I painted our own pieces of furniture in my backyard to bring with us to college. It was a trusty nightstand for the past four years, and I know it will continue to be in our new place! But I think it’s time for a makeover. The nightstand is getting painted!

Clean my closet: Okay maybe this should be called, ‘throw out half of what’s inhabiting my closet’, because that’s what needs to happen. I like to hide things in there that I don’t want to deal with at the moment, but there are a lot of good things in there, too. This is actually something I’m looking forward to, because it’s fun to look through old things and reminisce, but that also means it’s going to take a good amount of time. I need to give myself several afternoons to tackle this task!

Make our headboard: Whew. Huge project. This will probably be the most difficult and perhaps time consuming. My parents are graciously giving Brad and me a mattress and frame to use until we can buy our own. I’ve resolved to make a headboard to go with it. I’ve seen a lot of really neat headboards on Pinterest, and although challenging, I think I will be able to pull it off.

Wedding projects galore: Oh wedding projects. There are so many! Centerpieces, boutonnieres, card box, dessert table, guest book, signs, programs. Again, this is a huge task, but one I’m really looking forward to. Crafting my wedding is going to be a blast and you only get to do it once!

Alright, now let’s get to work!