Kansas City

Some things we miss about Springfield

We are lovin’ life in KC. We’re both enjoying our new jobs, we like our apartment, we have a great church, and we love being near our families.

But any season of transition comes with some longing for the past. There are things about Springfield that I’ve found myself missing that I certainly didn’t expect.

I miss my Phelps Grove-Roundtree-MSU runs. Springfield was where I fell in love with running and that part of town was my favorite. I haven’t found a new favorite running spot here, which has left me feeling a little unmotivated. There are days when I get off work and wish Phelps Grove would just appear for me. I also really miss the MSU gym for those days when its too hot to run outside. It was the bomb. 24-Hour Fitness just doesn’t compare.

I miss my Price Cutter. I still haven’t settled on a grocery store here. I miss having a grocery store 5 minutes away and knowing exactly where everything is, what their normal prices are, and knowing all of the cashiers.

I miss the coffee shops. We had no idea how spoiled we were with so many great coffee shops at our disposal! It seems like most coffee shops close early around here and we don’t have very many close to where we live (or on the way to work).

I miss the thrift stores and flea markets. Second-hand shops are ubiquitous in Springfield, and you can find some really great deals. They are harder to come by here and people know what great stuff they have, so it’s not as cheap!

I miss Gailey’s, MSU campus, Canton Inn, Starbucks on Sunshine, the Palace, Silver Dollar City, living a mile from Hobby Lobby, Mister Lube Express, and Hurts Donuts.

I think when it comes down to it, I miss the familiarity of Springfield. We knew all of the local places, if I needed something I knew where to go, and we knew what places to avoid.

There have been moments lately that I have felt a little lost in my “hometown”, but when those feelings start to creep in I remind myself that it took us time to adjust to Springfield. We’ll find our niche in KC. And any suggestions or advice from you Kansas Citians are welcome! I’ve found that word-of-mouth is the best way to discover new things.

Springfield MO

Lately 07.15.14

I think it’s safe to say we’ve settled into our new life here in KC because my planner is filling up! We’ve had a super busy last couple of weeks and this week is just as packed. There are dishes to be done and laundry to be started, but I’m going to enjoy this beautiful July weather we’re having today and blog on our deck while watching the sunset.

Brad and I went to our first Royals game a couple of weeks ago and we had a blast. It was buck night, perfect weather, and they won! Tbh, it’s been a while since I’ve been at a Royals game when they came away with a W.


Our friend Colton came to town the weekend of Independence Day, so we did a little KC exploring and experienced Oddly Correct Coffee. Coffee in Erlenmeyer flasks. Needless to say, I loved it.


My brother was the starting pitcher in the All Star Game for the league he is playing in, so Brad, my dad, and I road tripped to Junction City, KS, to watch him play! He did a great job and his team won with a walk-off grand slam in the bottom of the 9th! It was an awesome game to see.


I think I mentioned in a post a while back that I had won a bag from the blog A Beautiful Mess. I finally got it in the mail and I love it! I’m so excited to use it all the time. It’s definitely an upgrade from the backpack I’ve been toting around for the last five years.


I love our deck, patio furniture, and new outdoor rug. Also I love coffee and cereal.


Libby is still as cute as ever. Right now she is mad at me because I put her inside because she kept barking at the other dogs walking by.


This weekend my grandma celebrated her 80th birthday! It was super fun to have (most of) the family together to celebrate! I hope I’m kicking it like her when I’m 80.


This weekend Brad and I went to Theatre in the Park in Shawnee Mission. If you haven’t been, you should. You get to enjoy being outside while seeing a great show, and you can bring food and drinks! It’s definitely a cheaper date night then dinner and a movie, and I actually enjoy it more! We saw “Honk”, which was based on the ugly duckling. Tom Sawyer is playing next, so I think we are going to go! Let us know if you want to join us!


Also this weekend we went to the wedding of one of my good friends from the church I grew up in. It was super fun to get to hang out with old friends! I think you sometimes don’t realize that you miss someone until you see them again after going a long time without.


Last night Brad and I went to the Riot Room to see Penny and Sparrow. If you haven’t heard of them, you should definitely check them out (they’re on Spotify). They are soooooo good and they were even better in person! It was definitely worth the late night.



Kind of a long post, so thanks for sticking around to the end!

I’m hoping to blog soon about how decorating our apartment is going so far!


I moved to Kansas City almost two weeks ago, but my graduation from Missouri State was on Friday. I was blessed that a lot of my family was able to come for it!

Here are some pictures from graduation day.



This is my lovely friend Michelle. She began as my labmate and became one of my best friends. I am so thankful that The Lord placed her in my life. My experience at MSU would not have been what it was without her. I already miss seeing her everyday! Next she’s off to get her Ph.D. at Mizzou!


Brad’s dad Danny managed to snap this picture right before it started to rain after graduation was over.


Luckily we took pictures ahead of time!


Michelle and I were fortunate to have a great adviser. I’m so thankful for how much he invested in me to make sure my time at MSU was successful.



We love our hoods!! My favorite thing about it is that it is Gryffindor colors.


One of my proudest accomplishments at MSU was winning the Outstanding Teaching Assistant award. Even better, I got to share the honor with Michelle! We’re both such great TA’s they just couldn’t choose between us. Just kidding. But seriously.

But seriously, it was really nice to be recognized for the effort I put into my TA duties. I sure am going to miss teaching.


Both of my grandmas got to come to graduation!

My dad’s mom (left) came in from California earlier last week. It’s been really nice to spend quality time with her since I don’t get to see her very often.


True story: I immediately spotted my family when I walked into graduation because I was able to spot Dylan. He stands out in a crowd.


Me and my parents. They’re great.

After graduation my family headed back to Raymore and Brad and I stayed in Springfield for the weekend. It was really great to spend time with some of our friends in southwest Missouri before we left it for good. Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pictures, so we’re going to jump to Sunday night.

After we got back to Kansas City on Sunday, we went to Bucca di Beppo on the plaza for my graduation celebration.


This picture is blurry, but I had to take it quick because my grandmas were being so cute. I love that they’ve made a friendship over all these years since they’ve been sharing grandchildren.


Luckily Bucca di Beppo has a great place for photo ops right outside of it. Here’s me and my mom.


The whole fam.


Everyone that came!! I felt so blessed being surrounding by these family and friends.


And I saved the prettiest for last! Me and my best friend Casie FINALLY live in the same town again. PTL!

In other news…. Brad and I put in a deposit on an apartment today! More details coming soon!!

It’s official: we’re Kansas Citians again

A lot has happened since my last post.

Two weeks ago I had just moved in with our friends Jon and Mallory. I was nervous about living with another couple, but it ended up being great. After over a month of living by myself I was really ready to have people to hang out with every evening. They were so gracious to let me stay with them. Jon and Mallory are truly a great example of what living in a Gospel-centered community looks like. We are so thankful for their generosity and servant hearts. Plus living with their Corgi was pretty fun!


I finished up my responsibilities at MSU a little early, so I was able to officially move to Kansas City last Wednesday. Finally reunited with Brad and my dog Libby!

(Side note: Libby has been staying with my parents for about 3 weeks now and I’m afraid she’s beginning to like them better than Brad and me! She especially loves hanging out on their deck and in the backyard.)


Since we weren’t sure when I would be able to move back to KC, we decided to stay with my parents during our transition instead of trying to find a place to live in a rush. So my parents went from being empty-nesters to having a dog, a married couple, and a college student home for the summer staying with them. It’s a full house to say the least.

We’re currently apartment hunting, which is exhausting. We have several items on our want list, but we’re having a hard time finding all of those things in our price range. We’re going to look at an apartment today that we really like, but it does have one downside, so I guess we’ll have to decide if we’re willing to compromise on it!

Kansas City friends
: if you know of affordable, nice apartments please let us know!!! We are looking for a two bedroom that allows pets, preferably in the Northland, but we are flexible. We have a washer and drier, so we’d like to find a place with W/D hook ups.

On top of apartment hunting, I’m also job hunting. Looking for jobs is seriously the worst, am I right?! Filling out applications, tweaking resumes, writing cover letters, waiting for responses, interviews, waiting again… It’s just not that fun.

A few years ago I would have been freaking out about getting a job. There is still a voice in my head that is whispering those same anxieties, but the Lord has been teaching my heart to listen to His voice.

The Lord is good to those who wait for him, to the soul who seeks him. It is good that one should wait quietly for the salvation of the Lord. Lamentations 3:25-26

A good friend recently told me to enjoy this time. Keep applying for jobs, but do not let your heart dwell on it. A job will come. The Lord has brought me and Brad to Kansas City for a purpose and He will see us through as He always has. For now, pursue lunches with friends, catching up on things you never have time for, and earnestly seek the Lord.

I officially graduate this Friday, so we’re making one more trip back to Springfield for the weekend. Leaving southwest Missouri is bittersweet, but mostly sweet. Brad and I have spent about 7 years there. We have always claimed Kansas City as home, but it wasn’t until we began the process of moving that we realized how much southwest Missouri had really become our home. But now, it’s time to rediscover our hometown.

That was a lot of thoughts and I’m impressed if you made it to the end of this post!

Please join Brad and me in prayer and we seek a place to live, a job for me, and a church to become a part of. Thanks for following along as we embark on this new journey!

(Look at those cuties. I missed them.)