On Mother’s Day 

This year, Mother’s Day has felt a little different. No, I’m not a mom (unless you count my pup-child Libby), but motherhood is something that has been moving to the forefront of my mind over the last year.

I’ve moved back to the same city as my mom this year. I’ve made many friendships with new moms and soon-to-be moms. I’ve watched friends walk through the challenges of pregnancy, infertility, adoption, and young kiddos. This year I’ve started looking forward to motherhood more than ever.

I’ve seen my friends experience the joys of motherhood and the trials of motherhood. That makes me feel excited and terrified and about 1000 other emotions all at once. As motherhood draws closer, I am already feeling the pressure. Will I be a good mom? How am I going to keep my patience with a two year old? How will Brad and I’s relationship change? How am I supposed to keep another human being alive? I’M NEVER GOING TO SLEEP AGAIN.

When I start to feel overwhelmed by the thought of being a mom, I take a deep breath, say a I-need-you-Jesus prayer, and remember the ladies I mentioned before and it doesn’t seem so scary. We’re all just Jesus-loving ladies trying to be the women God desires us to be. They have great days and they have hard days, but every day they are leaning into the Lord and His strength.

I’m slowly growing into the woman God desires. I’m so thankful for a community of women to walk through life with, no matter what God has down the road for me. Here’s to moms.

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