We’re Buying a House! 

The Bartletts have some exciting news to share….. 

We’re buying a house!!! 

(As you can tell, Libby is just as excited as us!) 

We’ve been praying and looking and saving and we think we’ve found the perfect house for us! 

We are really looking forward to putting down roots in our community. It’s in a great neighborhood, right by a park, and Chick-Fil-A is less than a mile away! 

We’re super stoked to make this place our home. It was built in the late seventies so it needs a liiiiiiiiittle updating. AKA wallpaper everywhere. We’ve got a lot of de-wallpapering and painting and replacing to do! I like to think I’ve watched enough HGTV to know what I’m getting myself into. Ha! Don’t worry – I’ll be sharing our progress here on the blog along the way! 

The big move is the last weekend of June if any of you Kansas Citians feel like moving some boxes! 

Stay tuned for before pictures! 

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