Splurge v. Save: Clothing

I’ve been thinking about whether to splurge or save on clothes a lot more lately since I’ve started my new job. I’ve finally reached that point in my life where I don’t have to buy all of my clothes from Target and Forever 21! It’s been fun to start figuring out my grown up style!

Of course, assigning whether to splurge or save on different categories of clothing items is hard to do, so these are pretty general rules for me.

Coats and Swimsuits: SAVE

These are seasonal pieces that can be very expensive, but they are also great to buy on sale in the off season! I’ve bought some great coats for an awesome price during the spring. It’s also super fun to pull that new coat out when the chilly weather sets in! (I bought that coat for $20!)


Jeans and Pants: SPLURGE

I have a pair of jeans that I bought when I was 15 and I still wear them all the time! Pants can last forever! Plus I pretty much wear the same pairs over and over again, so I don’t mind spending a little more money on a quality pair of pants with a great fit.

Tops: SAVE

Unlike pants, I don’t wear the same top multiple times a week. I like to have a wide variety of tops. Plus, I get tired of my tops frequently and like to buy new ones every couple of seasons. Therefore, I can’t spend $50 every time I buy a top! Tops are also easier to find on sale than pants!


It reeeeeeally depends on shoes. I always splurge when it comes to my running shoes. I try to save by buying at the Nike Outlet, but they can still be pricey there! For me, comfort is most important when it comes to shoes, and more expensive doesn’t always mean more comfortable.

tennis shoes

Now I feel like going shopping!!!


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