Our new apartment

Today is our second full day in our new apartment and we are really enjoying it so far!

A few things I like about it:

There is a coat closet, a linen closet, and a pantry closet. Storage galore!!! I didn’t have any of these in our last place!

We have a deck! Brad and I love to sit outside and we only had a stoop at our last place. Our new patio furniture is still at my parents’ house but it will be here hopefully soon. I even faces a good direction. There’s plenty of light, but is not in direct sunlight so it won’t be unbearably hot.

Ptl for 2 bathrooms! I was worried 2 bathrooms would mean 2 tiny bathrooms, but that’s actually not the case. They both have a decent amount of counter and cabinet space.

A fireplace! This was definitely not on our list of “needs” but it is a perk. Is it weird that I’m mostly excited to decorate the mantel? Especially for Christmas!

Two words: Mirror. Closets. Either ya love them or ya hate them, but I love them! I’ve always wanted mirror closets and now I have 3! BONUS: Brad and I have our own closets!!

Ceiling fans in the living room and both bedrooms. I had a ceiling fan in my apartment in college and I loved it! All the ceiling fans definitely helped sell this place to us.

Brand new refrigerator. That thing is sparkling right now! I hope I can keep it this clean!

There’s a park right across the street. There’s not much to it, but it has a walking trail!

Of course this place isn’t perfect. There are a few things we’re not so crazy about:

The kitchen comes with a microwave, but it’s really small. We stored our microwave at my parents’, but I might end up bringing it here anyway.

The oven is old and kind of intimidating to figure out how to work it. I mastered the stove last night, but haven’t taken on the oven quite yet.

The showers don’t have any ledges to set stuff on other than around the outside.

The placement of the windows and outlets in the master bedroom are a little awkward, so it’s hard to know the best place to put the bed.

There’s a light fixture in the hallway that looks like it came out of a hotel from the 80’s.

So I can’t really complain. We’re super excited to get settled in and to start making memories here.








  1. How exciting! If your oven ends up being wonky like ours, try a tip from one Luke Stehr. Buy a couple of terra cotta plant holders (the kind you would stick a potted plant on) and put them on the bottom rack of the oven. The absorb the heat and re-disbtribute it more evenly. It has really help us with our oven that typically ranges in temperature a lot while baking.

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