New Corner Shelves

Instead of being depressed about being unemployed and living at my parents house, I’ve decided to take advantage of crashing at their place with lots of free time! They have a great backyard perfect for reading, tanning, and spray painting!

Today, I did all three of those things! I’m currently reading Nehemiah with #SheReadsTruth, listening to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows while getting tan, and giving new life to some of our furniture!

I bought this corner shelf at a flea market in Springfield for only $5! It used to be in our guest bedroom. I was never a big fan of the color, so I decided to brighten it up!

I spray painted it Coral Isle by Krylon. It turned out a little more pink than I was expecting. I thought it would be a little more coral/salmon than bubble gum pink. But that’s okay! I think I’m going to put it out on the porch at our new apartment. It should bring some brightness to the area and provide a place to put things!

Corner shelf makeover

Next up to be painted is a bench of my mom’s, our old green coffee table, a wooden shelf, and a huge bookcase!


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