Great Things

I’m still in Springfield longing for the day I live with my husband again, but some pretty great things have happened to me lately.

1. I got my edited thesis back today, made the corrections, and it’s ready to be printed and turned in tomorrow!

2. Yesterday I finished an afghan for a friend that I’ve been working on for a while. I love finishing big projects!

3. Living with the Taylor’s rocks. I get awesome dinners, people to hang out with, and a furry corgi to love on.

4. My adviser okay-ed me to leave school early once my TA responsibilities are done, so I get to move to KC in a week!

5. The weather is going to be beautiful the next couple of days!

6. I bought some really pretty nail polish today.

7. A couple of weeks ago I entered into a giveaway at A Beautiful Mess for their Kelly Moore bag, and I actually won!! I never enter those things, because your chances of winning are so unlikely, but by some miracle I was picked the one time I decided to enter! I’m so excited to get my bag in the mail!

My heart aches to be in KC with Brad (and my dog), but I’m trying to soak up my last days in Springfield and focus on the happy things here. I was feeling a little down this weekend, but the Lord has reminded me that He is faithful, and I am blessed.


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