Lately 3.31.14

Hello! I thought I’d give a little update on the Bartletts since we announced our big move to Kansas City!

For those of you who didn’t know, Brad was in a hit-and-run accident at the beginning of February and our car was totaled. Since then we have been sharing our Jeep. This last month and a half of sharing a vehicle has definitely been challenging, but the Lord has taught us a lot through it and our LifeGroup has been awesome to help us out and give me countless rides. We’ve been so thankful for their servant hearts! Now, we are super excited to say that we finally got a new (to us) car this week! We were able to buy Brad’s great-uncle’s car at a great price. It’s in perfect condition and we love it so far! Here is a pic of Brad with his new ride! (And I’m soooooo happy to have my Jeep back!)


Brad has been at his new job at Midwestern for one week and he loves it! (We send each other regular selfies these days.)


I definitely missed him this week, but he brought me back this Harry Potter coffee cup and made it all better :)



This little one really missed her Brad-dad this week! She kept wandering around the house looking for him. Libby was so excited when he got here on Friday night!!


It’s crazy that April is already here! It’s going to be such a busy month, but we are excited! Most of my time is going to be consumed by preparing for my thesis defense and taking my comprehensive exams. If you live in the area and would like to come to my thesis presentation, you are totally invited! It is going to be Thursday, April 10th at 3:00 pm on MSU’s campus. I’m starting to get a little nervous, but I’m also really looking forward to it! So close to graduation!


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