My first scientific publication

I am super excited to share that an article that I wrote has been published in a scientific journal! I am elated that all of my hard work over the last year and a half is coming to fruition in these last couple of months of grad school.

First, let me tell you a little about how publishing works in the science world for those of you who are unfamiliar with the process. There are many scientific journals of all types of disciplines that accept and publish articles in print (they are called journals, although they look more like magazines) and also online. You are probably familiar with the scientific journals Nature and Science, but there are hundreds of others! Many journals are very general and accept a wide variety of topics, while other are more specific, like the journal Traffic publishes articles about trafficking in the cell.

In these journals you can find two types of articles: primary research articles and review articles. A primary research article contains results from a scientific study. There is an introduction section, a results section with figures and tables, and a discussion section. Primary research articles are most of what you will find in a journal. A review is a little different. A review is exactly what it sounds like. A review gives a summary or overview of the primary research of a particular topic. Reviews are extremely helpful to read because they compile all the research done on a topic, simplify it, summarize it, put together the big picture, discuss what this could mean, and propose new ideas.

I have written a review article on my area of research. I am also in the process of putting together a primary research article that will be submitted for publication within the next couple of weeks. (I’ll let you know when it’s officially published!)

Writing a review has been extremely challenging, time consuming, helpful, fun, and rewarding. It has required reading about 100 journal articles, hours of editing with my adviser, and drawing about a million diagrams trying to put together all of the pathways involving my subject. It has helped me become an expert on my topic and I truly understand the big picture of my project. Also, my technical writing skills have improved ten fold.

I would LOVE it if you read my article! It is called “Insight into Tor2, a budding yeast microdomain protein” and it is published in the European Journal of Cell Biology. You can read it by clicking here and downloading the PDF. Unfortunately, most people will not be able to access it at this time, but if you are using the wifi of any university you should be able to download it because that university probably pays for access to the journal. (If you’re familiar with PubMed, you can find it there by searching for Tor2) If you can’t get to the PDF and you want to read it, just let me know and I’ll email it to you!!

Tor2 Publication

I’m now in the process of writing my next publication and my thesis. I have a lot of work to do before May, but I am also so close to being done! Graduation here I come!


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