Grey cowl scarf

I’m just as excited as anyone else for spring to finally arrive here in Missouri, but I’m also a little sad to stop wearing scarves! I just finished this cowl scarf and I thought I’d share it here:


I know it’s a black and white picture, but the scarf is grey, so you get the idea.

I whipped it up over the course of a few days and I didn’t use a pattern. I crocheted a variety of stitches to my heart’s desire! If I got tired of single crocheting, I switched to something else. In all I think I used single crochets, double crochets, triple crochets, puff stitches, and half double crochets. It was nice to make something easy that I didn’t have to focus on a pattern.

I made it to be about a square foot when it is laid out, so I guess it is a foot wide and two feet around. I like it so much I’m making another version in brown! But I think I am going to save it to use as a Christmas present. (I like to plan ahead.)

Part of me hopes that I can get some more use out of this scarf, but I also don’t want it to get cold enough to need it!


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