Happy 25th Birthday Brad


Today is my husband Brad’s 25th birthday! In honor of him being on the earth for a quarter of a century, I’m sharing 25 things I love about Brad.

1. He loves Jesus.

2. He watches Project Runway with me.

3. We’re the same height and similar size, so we can share clothes.

4. He takes care of our vehicles.

5. He is good at driving in the ice and snow.

6. He pushes the cart at the grocery store.

7. He has a discerning spirit.

8. He never embarrasses me or uses me as a punch line of his joke.

9. He plays the guitar.

10. He goes thrifting with me.

11. He doesn’t make me watch scary movies.

12. He likes hanging out with my family.

13. He loves Harry Potter.

14. He rarely complains.

15. He isn’t picky, so he will eat pretty much anything I cook.

16. He runs with me.

17. He pursues the Lord and His will for our lives.

18. He likes to travel.

19. He has a great family.

20. We laugh a lot.

21. He is a good steward of our finances.

22. He doesn’t play a lot of video games.

23. He’s handsome.

24. He is gentle, never says a hateful word, and refrains from anger.

25. He loves me.

Happy Birthday Brad Bear!! I love you!


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