Missouri is Home

It snowed about 7 inches here in Springfield on Saturday night into Sunday afternoon. Monday was a my birthday and Brad and I both got a snow day! We’ve been here at home marathoning through Arrested Development and cuddling with our little pup, Libby. On Sunday I decided I needed to take a break from crocheting and do some crafting (already working on one of my 2014 Goals)! A couple of weeks ago Brad and I spotted this sign at Five Pound Apparel.

Missouri is awesome

Five Pound Apparel has a lot of really cool stuff and if you live in Springfield you should definitely check it out! I decided to use it as inspiration for a version of my own. I opted to use home instead of awesome, although Missouri is awesome. I free-handed the Missouri, which I would not recommend. Haha. I should have printed off a Missouri silhouette and traced it. Anyways I think it still turned out okay.


We’ve done some rearranging since Christmas and I’ve switched up the decorations a bit! I’d like to add a few more things to the wall for it to really feel complete. (Ignore the messiness of our living room and that the picture is kinda dark. Instead focus on the cuteness that is Libby.)


This little break has been nice to do some crafting, crocheting, and netflixing, but I’m ready to get back out in the world! Even more though, I’m ready for winter to go away! Bring on spring!


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