Lately (12.6.13)

We are snowed in today, and although Brad is home, he has shut himself up in our “room of requirement” to get some work done. That leaves me with a to-do list about a mile long, but I figured I’d procrastinate a bit and do a little blog post about what we’ve been up to lately.


Brad ran a half marathon! I am so proud of him for achieving his fitness goal. I didn’t run it with him, but I did enjoy helping him train. Running the first or second half of his long runs with him helped me achieve some goals of my own. We’re planning on running a half marathon together sometime next year!


This pretty lady came to visit me (and stole my rad sweatshirt). I’m so thankful that our friendship has remained so strong after so many years of living in different cities. I look forward to the day that we live near each other again.


This semester I taught a cell biology lab of all Chinese students from Qingdao University. It was certainly a challenge, but I really grew to care for them and it was a joy to teach and get to know them. They gave me this card and bear as a thank you. It was really hard to say goodbye to them on our last day of lab, but most of them have friended me on Facebook so hopefully we can stay in touch.

Brad and I went home to KC for Thanksgiving. We are really blessed that both of our families live in the KC area so we don’t have to choose who to go see each holiday.



I always love dinners at my parents’ house. My mom does such a great job of making our time there special. I really loved how she decorated the table for Thanksgiving dinner this year. Maybe everyone thinks their parents’ house is magical at Christmas, but mine truly is. My mom has a real knack for decorating for Christmas. I know many of you that follow this blog know my mom, so I’m sure you can attest to this.


After lunch at my parents’ we were off to Brad’s grandma’s for another meal. Last year, we were newly married and I still felt a little awkward at Thanksgiving, but this year was totally different. I had a really great time and felt totally comfortable with my new family. I think that inheriting a new family is one of the best things about getting married.


Me and his grandma’s dog Libby became good friends.


So thankful to have Heather as a sister-in-law. We are going to miss her when we leave Springfield!


On Black Friday, my brother won a pair of cleats signed by the Royals pitcher Jeremy Gutherie on Twitter! He got to meet up with him and talk about baseball. How does Dylan always get so lucky? (Photo c/o @danky_don, my brother’s Instagram)


We had to say goodbye to one of our favorite undergraduate students in the lab, Courtney. She’s leaving us to join a lab in the chemistry department. We will miss her very much!! I’ve been really blessed to get to work with some great people in the lab.


The snow began to fall at about 1:00 yesterday. By the time I headed home at 4:00 the roads were completely iced over with snow covering the ice. It took me almost an hour to drive home! It usually takes me less than 20 minutes. I was very thankful to be in the Jeep that does well in snow. I think we’ve gotten about 5 or 6 inches and it’s still falling.

Enjoy your snow day! It’s about time I get to that to-do list…


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