6 Themed Gift Ideas

I love a good themed gift! It’s the perfect solution for when you aren’t sure what to get someone.

Here are a few theme ideas for this Christmas season!

1. Food. This is a great one for guys in college. Load them up on all their favorite snack food! Pringles, Cheetos, candy, pop… the possibilities are endless!

2. City. Center your gift around a cool city. Barnes and Noble have really cool coffee table books about major cities that are really fun to look through. I also love poster-maps like these

new york map

3. Sports team. The go-to would be to get a jersey or t-shirt, but try to think outside of the box! A cool car sticker, a book about the history of the team, or a picture of the team’s stadium are a couple of ideas. I like this one of the KC Royals Kauffman Stadium.

KC Royals

4. Breakfast. I love this one. Probably because I love breakfast. Include breakfast bars, gourmet coffee, creamer, yummy bread, jam, and a coffee cup! This is a really unique themed gift that I think will be a big hit.

5. Childhood. This is another great one for guys. Every guy still has a little kid in him. Buy him a Lego set, a wiffle baseball bat and ball, a Nerf gun, or a bag of water balloons. Get creative!

6. Crafts. Crafting supplies can get expensive! Stock up your crafter on washi tape, ribbons, scrapbook paper, scissors, felt, glue sticks, and yarn. Stroll the aisles of Hobby Lobby or Joann’s and it won’t take long to have a basket full of supplies that your crafty friend will love.

The key to themed gifts is thinking outside the box! Have fun creating your own themed gift!


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