Month: October 2013

Lately (10.12.13) + Fall Break Roadtrip

It has been a quite a while since I blogged last. Since my past post a lot has happened!

Fall is officially here. My little brother turned 21 (whaaaaat?????). My mom also had a birthday. My parents had their 29th wedding anniversary. My roommate from college got married. Brad traveled all over Arkansas and Oklahoma for college fairs. I accomplished a fitness goal of running 6 miles. I finished an afghan and started a new one. And Brad and I went to the Quad Cities and St. Louis this weekend.

A couple months back we realized that Brad had a college fair up in Illinois during my fall break. Grad students often don’t take fall break, but I decided that I really needed a few days off since I didn’t take any time off all summer. Brad’s boss approved that I come along as long as I helped with the fair, which I did happily.

On Thursday we made the 7-hour trip up to Rock Island, IL, for the college fair that evening. SBU has switched to using rental cars instead of mileage reimbursement, so we got to drive a brand new Kia Optima hybrid! It was much nicer than our Jeep or Aveo. I’d definitely recommend it if you’re looking for a new car! Plus, we drove all the way there and back only having to fill it up once!



Brad has told me about travel season, but it was really fun to see him in action! It was neat to talk to young high school students excited about going to college and following their passions. It seems like a long time ago that I was in their position, but then again it feels like only yesterday.


The next morning we ate at a cute local place called Ganson’s. It’s in a house and we got to sit outside on the porch. It was beautiful fall weather and the food was delicious. I definitely recommend it if you are in the Quad Cities area! After brunch we hit up another local place for coffee called Cool Beanz, which was really cool. There seemed to be a lot of neat local places. We wished we had more time to explore! But alas, it was time to make our way through hours of corn fields to get back to Missouri.




Next we braved Cardinal country and stayed in St. Louis on Friday night. Brad accumulated enough points during travel season that he got a free nights stay at a Holiday Inn (yay for free! and yay for hotel rooms with balconies!)! We only had one evening in St. Louis, so we decided to go to the City Museum. I had never been, but had heard a lot about it. We had so much fun! Unfortunately, it was evening when we went, so most of our pictures are dark and fuzzy.









This morning we slept in, then met my friends Lauren and Justin Hitchens for lunch. Lauren and I grew up together at FBC Raymore and our parents are good friends. I was in their wedding almost a year ago, and they moved to St. Louis after they got married, so I hadn’t seen them in a long time. It was so great to see their place and get to catch up! I’m really thankful for their friendship. I was too busy enjoying time with friends to take any pictures. Sometimes its better that way.

Now I’m sitting on the couch while Brad practices for worship in the morning, our Saturday evening ritual. After spending the last two weeks teaching the kids class, I’m excited to get to worship with our church family in the morning!

ALSO! Tomorrow is my best friend Casie’s birthday!!! Casie is hands-down the coolest girl on the planet. If you see her tomorrow, give her a big hug for me! Casie, I wish I could celebrate your birthday with you! I hope you have the most fabulous birthday ever!!!! I love you!!