Freshwater Church Springfield

This blog is where I share about my life, so I think it is about time I do a post about something that is a huge part of my life: Freshwater Church.

I started attending Freshwater Church in Bolivar, MO, when it was just a small church plant in the fall of 2010. There were about 40 people in attendance on my first Sunday. Today Freshwater Bolivar hosts 700+ people every Sunday, has facilitated 13 international church plants, and, as of this Sunday, has planted two churches in Missouri. I’ve helped with the kids ministry, gone to Africa, and attended a LifeGroup with Freshwater. It has been such a blessing to see what God has done in Freshwater over the years.

A while back, leaders of Freshwater started noticing that quite a few people were commuting from Springfield to attend Freshwater Sunday services and LifeGroup in Bolivar. So they decided to start a LifeGroup in Springfield. One Springfield LifeGroup quickly turned into three, which sparked another idea: maybe we should plant a church in northwest Springfield.

After much prayer and seeking The Lord’s will, Freshwater began making plans. Or rather, God started moving. Time and time again, God has provided for Freshwater Springfield and has begun to reveal His plan for northwest Springfield.

Brad and I got married and moved to northwest Springfield about when things started coming together and the church plant was transforming from an idea to a real thing. JT Patton was to be the pastor, but they were looking for a worship leader. This is where the Bartletts come in.

God has blessed Brad with the ability to lead worship. He has also grown a passion in Brad for church planting through the two summers he spent working for Power Plant, a youth ministry focused on church planting in major cities. We knew Freshwater Springfield was the reason God brought us to Springfield.

I remember the first large group meeting about Freshwater Springfield. There were about twenty of us in the basement of a couple’s house that I had never met. I looked around at the unfamiliar faces and thought, “So these people are going to plant a church together.”

Almost a year later, I’ve grown to love our core team. We’ve become a family. I was blessed to grow up in a tight-knit community at my home church, and I’ve really missed that support system since I left home five years ago. It’s awesome to have that back, and it’s so much more real as an adult.

After months of praying, planning, and preparing, Freshwater Church Springfield officially launched this Sunday.

Our core planting team is about 40 people. Approximately 30 friends and family of the core team, and current Freshwater Bolivar members came out to support. One hundred and fifty people were in attendance on Sunday.

We are so stoked to see such a response from the community. Many people said that they have been wanting to find a church, but were waiting for someone to invite them.

Freshwater Springfield exists to Glorify God and Advance the Gospel. We are a group of imperfect people coming together to live in community and seek a genuine relationship with The Lord. For a full explanation of Freshwater’s beliefs, click here.

God is doing big things in northwest Springfield. Won’t you join us? We meet at 10:00 am on Sundays at Ed V. Williams Elementary (on Kearney St.).

For directions, a ride, more information, or if you have questions about God, Jesus, faith, or anything else, please contact me! I’d love to talk to you! You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, or by email:

See you Sunday!!!!

photo: Matt and Rachel Reynolds



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