Lately (8.6.13)

Brad and I have just emerged from a very busy three weeks. Despite all the stuff going on, I didn’t manage to take a lot of pictures of what we’ve been doing lately. But it’s been a month since I’ve done a post about our daily lives, so I thought I’d share what I did manage to capture!


These are my labmates and my advisor. We get pretty excited when we get packages with dry ice.


Our one-year anniversary!


Brad was a groomsman in his friend Tyler’s wedding last weekend. This is at the rehearsal. It was a beautiful evening!


We love weddings! Thank goodness this wedding wasn’t as hot as ours was a year ago!


Last fall I got an email from MSU asking me to take a short survey and in return I would get a $25 Amazon gift card. I took the survey and never heard anything else about it. A few months later I remembered the survey and realized I had never gotten my gift card, but I didn’t worry about it since the survey probably took less than 5 minutes. Last week I finally got the gift card! It was an unexpected surprise. I’ve been wanting the seasons of Friends for a while now, so I ordered the first two seasons and they came today! I’m so excited to make Brad watch it with me!


My mom and I went to First Fridays last weekend in Kansas City. I’ve been looking for one of these vintage paint-by-number paintings for a while, but they are a bit hard to find and can be expensive. I was so excited to find this one in a frame for only $12!


There has been a blank space behind our door for a while, and this painting fits there perfectly!


It’s that bittersweet time of year when you aren’t ready for summer to be over yet, but you are excited for all the great things that come with fall! We’re going to try to soak up as much summer as possible while it lasts, but I’m also looking forward to my favorite month for weather… September!



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