Month: August 2013

7 Reasons I Love Fall

Labor Day weekend marks the end of summer and I am stoked. Fall is my favorite season! Therefore, September and October are my favorite months. I love summer, but I’m really excited for another beautiful fall in the Ozarks. Why do I like fall so much? That should be obvious, but here are a few reasons:

1. The weather. This reason is number one because it is my number one favorite thing about the fall. I don’t mind the intense heat and humidity we get here in Missouri, but by September I’m ready for cool weather. Fall weather seems to go by so quickly! Jim Gaffigan tweeted the other day that he was looking forward to the upcoming one day of fall. An exaggeration, but you have to admit it’s kind of true! Here in Missouri, we have two months of blazing heat that seem to never end, then glorious 60 degree temperatures for maybe a month, followed by months of bitter cold. But maybe that’s why fall weather is so special. You have to soak it up while it lasts.

2. The leaves. Like the temperatures, the changing of the leaves is so short-lived. The trees turn a beautiful, fiery yellow, orange and red that illuminate the Ozark countryside. The Ozarks get especially wonderful falls because of all the trees and rolling hills. The drive from Springfield to Branson is amazing in the fall. (Looking forward to my favorite festival at Silver Dollar City, Harvest Fest!)

3. The clothes. The weather and the clothes go hand-in-hand. I’m a fall clothes girl. I love wearing athletic shorts and a tank top in the summer, but boots and cardigans are where my heart truly lies. I know you wear boots and cardigans in the winter too, but they are covered up by a huge coat! There is something so happy about going on a walk on a chilly day, but without needing a coat and without getting hot. New items I’m on the hunt for this fall: a brown pair of boots, a new pair of jeans, and a black cardigan.

4. Pumpkin Spice Lattes. We’re entering the season of pumpkin. Pinterest is already starting to flood with recipes to incorporate pumpkin into anything you could imagine. As much as I am annoyed by this, I can’t help but be excited about the PSL. My coffee addiction really set in this summer and I think the return of pumpkin spice lattes is going to be dangerous this fall.

5. No major holidays. This may seem like an odd reason to like fall, but as much as I love holidays, they can be busy and stressful. September and October are months to just enjoy living and spend your weekends doing whatever you want without a million commitments. Summers are always busy, so fall is a nice time to take a breather before the Christmas season.

6. Christmas is coming! As much as I like a break from holidays, I love the Christmas season! I love Christmas parties, Christmas food, Christmas crafts, Christmas music, and, of course, time spent with family. I think it is important to live in the moment and not get stuck dreaming of the next thing, but it is nice to have Christmas lurking just around the corner in the fall.

7. School is easy. Disclaimer: yes, I’m 23 and still living in the world of school years and semesters, and no, school is not exactly easy these days. But I’ve always felt like September and October are a nice time at school because the stress of a new school year has worn off, but finals still feel ages away. The weight of school work really settles in around November, before Thanksgiving break. Plus one can still enjoy studying outside in the beautiful weather before having to be cooped up all winter.

Tomorrow’s high is 97 degrees. Summer, I love you, but I am ready to be done with you for a while. Fall, I welcome you with open arms.

I hope you have a wonderful fall! What is your favorite fall activity?


2013 Summer Highlights

School officially starts back up again tomorrow, and although I didn’t get a summer break from grad school, it’s still fun to reflect back on the summer and all the fun that was had. Here are some of my favorite things I did this summer.


We started our summer off right with Matt and Molly’s wedding. I love weddings and it was so fun to see such great people be joined as one. We miss them, but are so glad they are enjoying Memphis. They have a blog too! Check out Everything M.


We went to the Springfield Roller Derby with our friends Jordan and Sarah. That was definitely an experience I won’t forget. It’s a little pricey, but definitely fun if you get the chance to go to a match!


I went to Maranatha Bible Camp with Freshwater Kids in June. I loved going to camp growing up, so it was really fun to get to experience it again. It was only a long weekend instead of a whole week, but it was really nice to take some time away from working in the lab and from the internet. We were lucky to have really beautiful weather and really great kids!


Brad and I got free tickets to see the Springfield Lazers tennis team, which includes Andy Roddick! We got the free tickets right before the match started, so it was a really fun, cheap, unexpected date night! It also inspired us to buy some tennis rackets. Neither of us have ever played, so we’re pretty bad, but we have fun and that’s what counts.


We don’t have cable, but that hasn’t stopped us from getting obsessed over a few shows. Lately we’ve been hooked on Project Runway, Parks and Rec, and Friends.


We’ve taken advantage of our Silver Dollar City season passes a lot this summer. The new ride, Outlaw Run, is super fun. (Especially at night in the front row!) We’re looking forward to going with my parents in a few weeks. My dad used to work there! He was the train robber!!


We began our summer with a wedding and ended it with a wedding. It had called for rain that day, but it held off and it was a beautiful evening for Tyler and Kristy.


This weekend was Welcome Week for the incoming freshman at SBU. As an admissions counselor, this is what Brad has been working for all year. I’m so proud that he surpassed his enrollment goal! Now it’s time to start working on next year :)

This morning Brad helped lead worship for the one time a year SBU has a church service on Sunday morning. It was really fun to see many of the students I was a leader for at Welcome Week being leaders this year. I’m so thankful for my time at SBU, especially after spending a year at MSU. I was a little emotional thinking about all I went through at SBU and seeing all the new students full of dreams, hopes, anxieties, expectations, and goals. I’m praying that God does amazing things in their lives these next 4 (or 5) years.

This was my first summer with no vacation and virtually no tan, but overall it was still a great summer. As much as a love summer, I’m really excited for fall! Bring on the pumpkin spice lattes!!

Afghan for our Bedroom

I’ve decorated our bedroom in neutral colors with a red accent and we’ve really enjoyed it! There was only one thing that really didn’t fit with the decor: the afghan. We use a sheet and a comforter on the bed, but there is usually always an afghan on top. For the past year we’ve used an afghan that I had made Brad when we were dating. It was warm, but did not match the rest of the room (it’s blue, green, and brown). Plus, it didn’t quite cover the whole bed. Around Christmas time I started making an afghan for our bed that would match the rest of the decor and that would be big enough for the two of us. I finished it about two weeks ago and I just now got around to taking pictures of it!




I didn’t want to do anything complicated, but I wanted to do something new. I did a waffle stitch, which was really easy and I love how it ended up looking. I love that each side looks really different! I varied the colors and size of stripe at random, which is more difficult that it sounds! This is the biggest afghan I’ve ever made and I’m really happy with our it turned out.

I just started on another (smaller) afghan for someone for Christmas! I’ve done the same pattern before for an afghan I made my mom, so it should go pretty quickly. After that I will start on a baby blanket for my dear friend Katie!! Baby blankets are so fun to make because they are soft, cute, and small! I’ll be sure to share each when I am finished!

Lately (8.6.13)

Brad and I have just emerged from a very busy three weeks. Despite all the stuff going on, I didn’t manage to take a lot of pictures of what we’ve been doing lately. But it’s been a month since I’ve done a post about our daily lives, so I thought I’d share what I did manage to capture!


These are my labmates and my advisor. We get pretty excited when we get packages with dry ice.


Our one-year anniversary!


Brad was a groomsman in his friend Tyler’s wedding last weekend. This is at the rehearsal. It was a beautiful evening!


We love weddings! Thank goodness this wedding wasn’t as hot as ours was a year ago!


Last fall I got an email from MSU asking me to take a short survey and in return I would get a $25 Amazon gift card. I took the survey and never heard anything else about it. A few months later I remembered the survey and realized I had never gotten my gift card, but I didn’t worry about it since the survey probably took less than 5 minutes. Last week I finally got the gift card! It was an unexpected surprise. I’ve been wanting the seasons of Friends for a while now, so I ordered the first two seasons and they came today! I’m so excited to make Brad watch it with me!


My mom and I went to First Fridays last weekend in Kansas City. I’ve been looking for one of these vintage paint-by-number paintings for a while, but they are a bit hard to find and can be expensive. I was so excited to find this one in a frame for only $12!


There has been a blank space behind our door for a while, and this painting fits there perfectly!


It’s that bittersweet time of year when you aren’t ready for summer to be over yet, but you are excited for all the great things that come with fall! We’re going to try to soak up as much summer as possible while it lasts, but I’m also looking forward to my favorite month for weather… September!