Dry Erase Calendar From Paint Samples

I’ve seen a lot of projects involving paint samples on Pinterest, but was hesitant to try one. It seemed too simple! Then I saw a pin for a dry-erase calendar made with paint samples, but the link was a dead end. I decided I could figure it out on my own, so my friend Michelle and I had a craft night!


It ended up being really simple and cheap! I bought a poster frame from Hobby Lobby. It was normally $10, but I used my Hobby Lobby app to get 40% off. I also bought a piece of grey poster board for a dollar. I got the paint samples from Walmart (Disney has a new line of paint that has the cutest colors!), and I had a dry-erase marker. I only spent about $7 on this project!

First I cut the poster board to the size of the poster frame. Next I figured out how many rectangles I needed to cut and what size to make them. Then I cut all of the paint samples to the same size. This was the most time-consuming part. It would have helped if I had a paper-cutter. After that I situated the rectangles on the poster board where I wanted them. Next I used mod podge to glue down the rectangles. (I think tape would have worked fine as well, since it is going into a picture frame, but I did not have any tape on hand so I used mod podge. Double-sided tape probably would have been best.) At the top of each column I cut out a smaller piece to write the day of the week on. Make sure to write in sharpie marker! At first I used a regular washable marker and it kept smearing due to the slick texture of the paint samples. After that I let the mod podge dry, then put the poster board into the frame. Last I wrote the month, dates, and events over the calendar with a dry erase marker!

I really love how this project turned out. It was the perfect addition to our kitchen!


One comment

  1. I love this so much! I have one similar to it. :) But the paint samples look really good.

    Also, I love that I know what ya’ll are doing for the month of July.

    And yes, double date! THIS WEEK! :D

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