15 Ways Brad and I are the Same

A couple weeks ago I blogged about how Brad and I were different, which sparked the idea to do a post about how we are alike!

1. We love Jesus.

2. We’re currently addicted to guacamole.

3. We enjoy the same TV shows, such as Parks and Rec, Psych, Project Runway, and The Magic School Bus.

4. We wear similar size clothes and shoes. (Double wardrobe!)

5. We both love to travel. (Harry Potter world is next on our list!)

6. Speaking of which, the Harry Potter series are our favorite books.

7. We both love to run.

8. We prefer iced coffee over hot coffee.

9. We are Mac people, not PC.

10. We can appreciate a cheesy science joke.

11. We are both dog people (but we still enjoy googling funny pictures of cats).

12. We are older siblings.

13. We are both employed by universities.

14. We love dancing at weddings.

15. We’re both World Changers!



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