15 Ways Brad and I are Different

I read this post today from The Pioneer Woman and thought I’d copy because it sounded like fun!

1. He drinks coffee by the gallon.
Two cups is my max.

2. He would set the thermostat to 60 if I let him.
I like it at a cozy 75.

3. He sings, plays the guitar, clarinet, and a host of other instruments.
I didn’t inherit the musical gene (poor dad).

4. He likes “button-masher” iPhone games.
I like thinking games.

5. He has a passion for stories and journalism.
I have a passion for science and learning.

6. He wears bright colors.
I wear neutral colors.

7. He wants a big wolf-dog.
I want a medium-size, cute dog (that doesn’t shed).

8. He wanted the Swon Brothers to win The Voice.
I wanted Danielle Bradbery to win. (Yay!)

9. He knows things about our cars.
I haven’t filled the gas tank in a couple months.

10. He likes sugar cereal.
My favorite cereal is Grape Nuts.

11. He likes creamy peanut butter.
I like crunchy peanut butter.

12. He likes smooth jazz.
I like 90’s country.

13. He can’t swim.
I’ll probably have to save him someday.

14. He doesn’t like getting sweaty.
I love getting tan. (Bring on the sun!)

15. He likes to put all of the clothes in the same load of laundry.
I separate the loads by colors.

That was fun! As I was trying to think about ways that we are different, I kept thinking of ways we are similar! Maybe I’ll do another post about our similarities!




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