Month: June 2013

15 Ways Brad and I are Different

I read this post today from The Pioneer Woman and thought I’d copy because it sounded like fun!

1. He drinks coffee by the gallon.
Two cups is my max.

2. He would set the thermostat to 60 if I let him.
I like it at a cozy 75.

3. He sings, plays the guitar, clarinet, and a host of other instruments.
I didn’t inherit the musical gene (poor dad).

4. He likes “button-masher” iPhone games.
I like thinking games.

5. He has a passion for stories and journalism.
I have a passion for science and learning.

6. He wears bright colors.
I wear neutral colors.

7. He wants a big wolf-dog.
I want a medium-size, cute dog (that doesn’t shed).

8. He wanted the Swon Brothers to win The Voice.
I wanted Danielle Bradbery to win. (Yay!)

9. He knows things about our cars.
I haven’t filled the gas tank in a couple months.

10. He likes sugar cereal.
My favorite cereal is Grape Nuts.

11. He likes creamy peanut butter.
I like crunchy peanut butter.

12. He likes smooth jazz.
I like 90’s country.

13. He can’t swim.
I’ll probably have to save him someday.

14. He doesn’t like getting sweaty.
I love getting tan. (Bring on the sun!)

15. He likes to put all of the clothes in the same load of laundry.
I separate the loads by colors.

That was fun! As I was trying to think about ways that we are different, I kept thinking of ways we are similar! Maybe I’ll do another post about our similarities!


Some stuff I like

Sometimes I see funny things when I am scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, twitter, and Pinterest on my phone. If I really like it, I take a screen shot of it to send to Brad. I was deleting pictures on my phone to clear up some space and stumbled across some of those screen shots. I thought I’d share them with you :) enjoy!!

(Sorry I don’t have a source for any of these.)















Lately (6.10.13)

This week was busy, so I have a lot to share.


The weather was perfect this week, and the Missouri heat is coming, so Brad and I visited Starbucks for the first of several times this week.


I’m still enjoying these beautiful orchids from Matt and Molly’s wedding!


Our lab advisor is coming back soon, so Michelle and I took advantage of what little time we have left and left the lab to get Starbucks!!


….And this happened…. so HOLLA!!


We hit up the Artwalk this Friday and these parking meters were around downtown. You insert money, and it goes towards a local charity! Pretty neat. And they look cool.


Of course a visit to the Artwalk isn’t complete without a trip to The Cup. I got a dark chocolate cupcake with buttercream frosting and it was amazing. (P.S. I edited this picture with the A Beautiful Mess app!)


On Saturday Brad and I went for a run through one of our favorite neighborhoods in town, then negated all the calories we burned by re-hydrating at Starbucks. We have a problem.


That evening we went on a bit of an adventure… to the roller derby! It took us about 20 minutes to figure out all of the rules, but once we did it was really fun! I would like to try it sometime, but I think I’d have to get better at skating.


Brad has been in need of running shoes, so we took a day trip to Osage Beach to the outlet malls, and he found some that he really liked!! Success!


It was nice out, so we found a restaurant on the lake where we could sit outside! (Sidenote: I really love it when restaurants just bring you a pitcher of water so you never have to wait for refills!)



It had been a long time since I’d been to the lake, but I knew we had to make a trip to Randy’s. Andy’s are all over the place and that’s where the tourists go, but there is only one Randy’s and that’s where the locals go!


And last but not least, this is my current obsession. I’m addicted. That’s all.

Matt & Molly’s Wedding

Two of Brad and I’s dear friends got married this weekend. We were honored to get to do the scripture reading in the ceremony! It was a beautiful wedding and we had such a wonderful time with friends. Instead of a Lately post, I decided to devote this post to Matt and Molly! Here are some of my favorite moments from the day!


This is Molly and I at the rehearsal dinner. They catered Zios and it was amazing!



Not the best quality picture, but their ceremony was so sweet! The music was amazing. Molly’s sister is an extremely talented vocalist and did the special music with the help of some of their friends. Her song and the parent’s prayer were definitely my favorite parts!


The cake! This is one of my favorite wedding cakes I’ve seen! Isn’t it pretty? Plus it tasted delicious.


Me and my hot date!!




One of my favorite things about weddings is to get to reunite with old friends. Matt and Molly were science majors at SBU with me, along with everyone else pictured above. I was so blessed to have such a wonderful community at SBU and I’m thankful for the friendship I got to build with Matt and Molly through all of those hours spent in lab!


The bouquet toss!! Matt’s sister (in blue) is about to snatch it!


The garter toss!! Molly’s face is so priceless in this picture.


And the send-off. I even got a bubble in the picture!!

Congratulations Matt and Molly. Brad and I are so thankful for your friendship! We are sad that you are moving away, but we are excited to see how the Lord is going to use you both!