All Things Considered

I had never listened to National Public Radio, NPR, before marrying Brad. Since becoming a Bartlett in July I have listened to NPR almost everyday. My favorite programs are, of course, Your Health and Science Fridays (goodness I’m getting nerdier all the time), but I also enjoy the daily All Things Considered segment. Everyday at about the time I head home from school NPR airs short news stories. If there is a story that I don’t care for or think is boring, I don’t have to wait long because a new story will be on soon. Why am I talking about NPR????? Well when I was deciding on a title for this post I thought, this post is kind of like All Things Considered because I have a lot of short, random things to talk about. So here is All Things Considered: Katelyn Edition.

I’ve recently discovered that people have no idea what I do in grad school. It is much different than undergrad! I am at school doing research from at least 9 to 5 everyday, I work over breaks, and I do not get the summer off. I think of grad school more like a job than school. It’s really hard work, but sometimes it really pays off. A few weekends ago our lab attended the American Society of Microbiology Missouri Branch Annual Conference. We presented our research and were judged against other students. Our lab did really well and we all placed in our categories, which was extra exciting because there was a cash prize! But best of all, I felt like I finally proved myself to my advisor.


Also, I have the best lab-mates ever.


I’ve been running with the Nike running app since about November and I finally passed 100 miles!! It was a very exciting moment for me.


If you read my last post, you know that our car bit the dust upon our return from Memphis. We were so upset! We knew that neither of us drove very reliable cars, but we were still hoping that the Jeep and Zena the ZX2 would keep running at least until I got out of school. How could this happen? We took such good care of the cars! How are we supposed to pay for a new car? Can we afford a car payment? We saved so diligently and now it’s going to be gone! But we took a deep breath, and put it in the Lord’s hands. As usual, God provides and we found the perfect car for us! WE love our new car and we’ve already named it The Blueberry.



My mom and brother were out of town for the most Easter weekend, so we decided to spend our first married Easter in Springfield. I was a little sad to spend my first Easter away from FBC Raymore, but we really enjoyed worshipping with Freshwater Church and Southern Hills in Bolivar. Plus we got to eat lunch with some great friends at one of our favorite spots in Springfield, The Aviary.


I got to judge my first science fair!! It was super fun! I had a great time talking to the students about their projects and seeing high school students get excited about science!


Brad and I spent the weekend after Easter in KC. Mom and I got to attend a lovely bridal shower. Being engaged is such a happy time, but being married is even better!


I also got to spend some quality time with my beautiful best friend! I’m so blessed and thankful that our friendship never changes no matter how long we go without seeing each other.


I’m running the Color Me Rad 5K race in two weeks! My friend Michelle and I have been training and we are excited to get blasted with color! The course is at Missouri State:


And I’ve been listening to the new One Republic album on repeat. Check it out!


Lastly, Brad’s dear grandmother passed away this week. My heart is heavy for their loss and your prayers would be greatly appreciated. We are so blessed to have the Great Comforter in moments of sadness like these.

Thanks for making it all the way through this post!


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