Mile a Day Complete


20121219-171125.jpg 20121219-171137.jpg 20121219-171154.jpg

Brad and I took the Mile A Day Challenge this month. If you didn’t see my previous post, this means that we committed to running at least one mile everyday in December!

20121219-171208.jpg 20121219-171219.jpg 20121219-171233.jpg

I’m sad to admit that we didn’t get out there everyday this month, but the days we missed were when we were traveling for the holidays.

20121219-171250.jpg 20121219-171310.jpg 20121219-171324.jpg

And I did run all 31 miles for each day of December!

20121219-171337.jpg 20121219-171345.jpg 20121219-171355.jpg

We missed 3 days in a row around Christmas and I gained 3 pounds in those 3 days….

20121219-171404.jpg 20121219-171418.jpg 20121219-171426.jpg

It was really difficult to make it out there some days, but I’m glad I did it!

20121219-171436.jpg  20121219-171445.jpg 20121219-171451.jpg

I am planning on doing it again this year during a month when it isn’t freezing outside and we won’t have holidays in which we’ll be traveling.

20121219-171457.jpg 20121228-003543.jpg 20121228-003551.jpg

I’ve always been amazed (and discouraged) by how quickly your body can get out of shape, but this month I was encouraged to find how fast I was able to get into shape! At the beginning of the month I could run a mile easily, but making it to two would have been pretty difficult. After just two weeks I was able to run a 5K easily.

20121228-003558.jpg 20121231-144843.jpg

I’m hoping that this challenge in December set me up for being more consistent in my workouts in 2012! I’d encourage you to take the challenge as well.


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