Year 2012

It is New Years Eve and Brad & I have spent the day sleeping in, reading, and cleaning. I want to go on a walk, but Brad says it is too cold. Instead I decided to sit and reflect a bit on the past year since that seems to be the thing to do today. Here are my top 10 highlights of 2012.

1. I started this blog. I tried my hand at blogging this year. I’m planning on doing a post about my experience in the blog world soon!

2. I got engaged this spring. Brad proposed on March 2 and we had about a 5 month engagement. I had a love/hate relationship with wedding planning and there were many moments I wished we had just eloped, but in the end I was really glad we had a beautiful day to spend with family and friends. I’m not sure why everyone tells you to enjoy your engagement, because being married is 100 times better.

3. Brad and I took a road trip to Atlanta. Brad was the musician for our friends TK and Angela‘s wedding, so we made the 12 hour drive with some friends. By the Lord’s provision we made it there and back without the Jeep breaking down, although we did have to stop every few hours to refill the transmission fluid. What I took away from that trip was the peace that Brad and I could spend 24 hours in the car together within about 3 days time without ever fighting. I see many more road trips in our future.

4. I graduated from college. I was sad to leave SBU behind and I am really thankful for all I gained from my experience there, but, like after high school, I was ready for the next step. Leaving behind what is familiar is always scary, but I know I can trust in the Lord’s provision for my future.

5. I worked at a daycare. This is something I never expected to do. I like kids, but I’m usually more comfortable with them once they are into elementary school. But I needed a part time job and it was right down the street. I actually really enjoyed my time there and I think it educated me for someday when I am considering childcare for my own children.

6. I had a lot of wedding showers. My four wedding showers weren’t a highlight because of all of the gifts I received, but because of all the love I felt during them. I’m not sure if I have ever felt more blessed than after each of my showers. I was especially overwhelmed after coming home from my church shower. I’m so thankful for the church family that I grew up in. That night my mom got out my baby book and we found that there were 8 ladies that had been at both my mom’s shower for me as a baby and my wedding shower. It is such a blessing to know that I have had so many godly women investing in me my whole life.

7. I got married! This was definitely the highlight of 2012. I loved our wedding day (even if it was the hottest day of my life). I didn’t seem to care about the little things that went wrong; I just knew that at the end of the day Brad and I would be married. Our ceremony was amazing and we had a blast dancing the night away with our friends and family. I am so thankful for all the people that put so much work into making it all happen. Of course a wedding is so much more than the wedding day- it is the beginning of a marriage. Being married to Brad has been even more wonderful than I imagined. I love him more each day and sometimes its hard to believe how lucky I am that I get to spend all of my days with him.

8. We went to Chicago on our honeymoon. Our honeymoon was awesome. I would definitely recommend going to Chicago for a honeymoon destination. The weather was amazing (110 in KC and 82 in Chicago while we were there), the public transit is really easy to use, there are lots of free things, it’s fairly inexpensive, and it’s not too far away. Brad and I love to travel, so we had a blast exploring Chicago. We’re looking forward to returning someday!

9. I moved to Springfield. Originally Brad and I wanted to move back to Kansas City, but we ended up here in Springfield. I’ve actually enjoyed living here more than I expected. We’ve loved checking out the local spots and have already made some great friendships here. Our stay in Springfield may not be for long, so we are making the most of our time here. Plus, it’s been super fun to get to decorate my own place!

10. I started graduate school. I am one semester into getting my Masters in Biology at Missouri State. I was very nervous at first. What if I am not smart enough? What if my advisor is mean? What if I don’t make any friends? These turned out to be silly worries. My advisor is a very nice, godly man (which is almost unheard of in the science world), and I love my labmates. It is challenging, but in different ways than undergrad was. I really do love science and I’m looking forward to the next year and a half a MSU.

2012 was a great year. God has blessed me more than I can begin to deserve. I am anxious to see what He has in store for 2013. Happy New Year!



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