DIY Shoemint-inspired flats

I’m really excited about this project. This is one of my favorite things I’ve ever made! (And I’ve made a lot of stuff over the years.)

A couple of weeks ago I spotted these shoes on A Beautiful Mess.


So I followed the link to Shoemint and found that they called the Frankie and were $79.98 on sale for $39.99. Call me cheap, but I usually don’t spend that much on shoes unless they are boots or running shoes. I’m a bargain shopper. I sighed in disappointment and continued skimming my Bloglovin feed.

The next day Brad and I were out thrift shopping when I spotted a pair of plain white flats for $4 (they were Target brand). They were in great condition and in my size! I suddenly had a stoke…. of GENIUS (Producers anyone?) and remembered the shoes from the day before. I could totally upcycle these, I thought to myself. So I paid the $4 and stopped by Hobby Lobby on the way home for a fabric marker.

I ended up using a combination of a fabric marker and sharpies. I used a fine point sharpie to draw the design and a thicker sharpie and fabric marker to fill it in. I didn’t follow the design exactly and the back was difficult to see in the picture so I sort of made it up as a went. There are a few imperfections where I messed up, but that’s what gives it character, right?

This was a very time consuming project. It took me two nights to complete it. I probably spent about 4 hours on it, but it was worth it. I also decided to remove the laces because they fit fine without them. I really like how they turned out!








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