DIY Glittery Reindeer

It’s no secret that I love Christmas crafts. A couple of weeks ago I had the girls from my LifeGroup come over for a Christmas craft night! I painted this reindeer, but as soon as I was finished I knew it was too plain. I decided it needed some sparkle. I haven’t used glitter in years, so I was a little intimidated, but it turned out to be a really simple and quick project! It took me less than 15 minutes to glitter it!

All you need is Mod Podge, a paint brush, and glitter. I also used a big plastic tub to do the glittering in. After I was done I dumped the glitter out and managed not to get glitter everywhere!


I worked in small sections by applying a thin layer with a paint brush. You don’t need a lot of Mod Podge! A little bit goes a long way.


Next I transfered to the bucket and dumped the glitter on so the section was completely covered. Then I just lifted the canvas and shook off the extra glitter.


I kept doing this in sections until the entire reindeer was glittered. (Excuse the extremely blurry picture! I’m not so good at multitasking.)


The finished product! I really love how it turned out!


And here it is on our “Christmas shelf” in our living room!


I’ve been afraid to use glitter in the past because I thought it would be too messy and not stick evenly. This project has given me the confidence to use glitter more often! Brad better watch out before I glitter the whole house!


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