How to Crochet a Star

A few weeks ago I found this on Pinterest:


Cute, right? Unfortunately the link didn’t lead to the pattern. I decided to try to make my own pattern! Here is what I did:

I used a J hook and Red Heart yarn. I think the Pinterest picture looks a little better than mine because the yarn appears to be better quality than what I used.

Chain 7 and make a ring. (This was a little small. You could maybe go chain 10)


Crochet 5 puff stitches in the ring.


In the top of each puff stitch: Double crochet 3, chain 1, double crochet 3. Chain 1 in between each set of 6 double crochets.



The third row is when it becomes a star. This row is similar to the second row. In each set of 6 double crochets from the second row, crochet another 6 double crochets in the chain. For these 6 double crochets, chain 3 instead of 1. You will double crochet 3, chain 3, double crochet 3.

The next step is a little tricky. Next you single crochet into the chain that separates the 6 double crochets in the second row. Go straight into a double crochet for the next set of 6.

Repeat to complete 5 points of the star.


There you have it! It only took me about 15 minutes.


I’m currently using mine as a coaster, but they can also be easily be turned into an ornament!



  1. Bravo!! I also saw this on Pinterest and was disappointed to find out there was not a pattern! ;( Thanks sooo much for sharing your pattern!! I think I’m going to make some of these and hang them on my Christmas tree!

    1. Yes! That is a great question. Simply, you yo, then yarn-over, then repeat three times (total of four times). You will have 9 loops on your hook. Then you yo and bring the yarn through all 9 loops, then chain to finish it off.

      I have learned most crochet techniques through YouTube videos. Click here for a puff stitch video.

      I hope that helps!

      1. Perhaps another way to describe a puff stitch would be a four double crochet combined into one stitch. By that I mean load your hook as if doing a dc (four times) but don’t work the loops off the hook until you’ve loaded four double crochet loops.

  2. The original was made out of crochet cotton. I made mine out out of the crochet
    Cotton and they look just like the original picture! Thanks for the pattern

  3. I saw this last year and have wanted to make them for my Christmas tree. I have been frustrated all year because there was no pattern. I am so happy I came across your pattern.. Thank you so much for taking the time to help us!!!

  4. Could you clarify the third row? Do you crochet one single crochet into the chain three between the 6dc and that’s all. How are we going around the star to get to the chain 3? What do you mean by go into a double crochet for the next set of six? Also, are we slip stitching to the beginning Of each row and are we chaining any after the slip stitches in the begging of each row (if we are slip stitching) Sorry for all the questions. I’m sure it’s my lack comprehension lol.

    1. I’m not sure if I understand all of your questions, but I will try! The second row is comprised of sets of 6 double crochets (pairs of 3 with a chain in between). The second row is the same way, but with 3 chains in between each set of 3 double crochets. After you have the “point” of the star, you will single crochet to connect it back to the second row. You do not have to chain at the beginning of the third row. Just start from the slip stitch.

    2. You do not lack comprehension. This pattern lacks detail for sure. I would say it’s not for beginners. You need to have some experience with crocheting to make this one work for you. I think it’s a lovely pattern, but could be written with more detail. Thanks for sharing though.

  5. I have done similar but with 6 puffs around the ring to make a 6 point star, then infill between the points to make hexagons, join together to make a cot blanket for my grand nephew.

  6. Thank you for the pattern. I was able to follow until the last part. Can you please clafify “Go straight into a double crochet for the next set of 6.” I see where I SC to make the 5 points but am unclear how to get to each chain section.

  7. Thank you for the pattern. I was able to follow along unail the end. Can you please clarify ” Go straight into a double crochet for the next set of 6.”? Thanks again! :)

    1. I mean that you do not have to chain. Normally, you would chain 2 or 3 to get the height of your double crochet, but you want it to start from the base of your second row. I hope that makes sense!

  8. This turned out great when I made a ring of 5 and not 7 or 10. The center puffs form a tighter star that way. Thanks for sharing this pattern!

    1. I have not made a video so they must have found one somewhere. You could try searching “how to crochet a star” on YouTube! There are a lot of helpful crochet videos out there.

  9. I made one using a smaller yarn with a D hook. It didn’t look quite finished when I was done, so I added this fourth round:
    RND 4: *sc 3, sc 5 in ch loop, sc 3, sl in ch; repeat from * four times; tie off and weave in ends.

    1. Thank you. This 4th row worked great for me. I made 2, crocheted them together all except the top and used it for a gift card holder.

  10. im crochet blogger from Poland. In September I start a Christmas challenge: “Catch before Christmas”. And i want to make some post with inspirations. Can I use Your photo from this post: Of course, I put link to Your blog.
    Thank U in advance,

  11. Thank you so much for this pattern! I searched and searched for the one on Pinterest, to no avail, of course. I really want to make this for Christmas.

  12. Please make a video. I’m horrible at stitch names, but can watch a video and understand. Please. With a cherry on top?

  13. I love this pattern. I used a cotton yarn as well as worsted weight acrylic and I think it turned out much better. I also started with a magic circle instead of slip stitch join and I think it gave a better result.

  14. Thank you so much for the pattern. I too had tried to find the one previously posted. Mine turned out perfectly, and I learned the puff stitch.

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