Crocheted Owl Hat

The original purpose of this blog was to have a place to share my recent craft-ings. I’m pretty sure I’ve posted more pictures of my husband and food I’ve eaten than crafts I’ve made this year. But with the Christmas season approaching, you are bound to see more crafts on this blog.

Recently I’ve gotten back into crocheting. I tend to crochet more during the winter, because you can use your creation as a blanket as you go! My grandma taught me the basics when I was 8 or 9 and I picked it back up in college. Most of the patterns I use are learned from YouTube!

My friend Tory is having a baby girl in early January (I’m crossing my fingers she’ll be born on my birthday!) and she had a baby shower last weekend. I decided to tackle one of the more complicated project I’ve tried: an infant owl hat.

Have you noticed that owls have become all the rage lately? I was so excited to find this owl hat pattern on Pinterest for free. (Sometimes it can be hard to find free patterns online.) You can find the pattern here.

I was really happy with how it turned out! It only took me one evening to crochet it all and I spent another evening piecing it all together. It was a lot simpler than I expected! Crocheting something out of the box gets me excited to try things other than afghans.


But of course, I love making afghans. I finished this one about a month ago. I love the colors and I’m a little obsessed with the chevron pattern. (Also, this rocking chair is one of my favorite things in our home! It was in my dad’s bedroom growing up and it has been in our living room for years. I am so thankful my parents gave it to me!)


Here is a sneak peak of my newest project!!! This afghan is going to be a Christmas present! Will it be for you?????



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