Office Space


This is my office. Okay so it’s not much of an office… I wouldn’t even classify it as a cubicle. It’s more like a tiny desk in a very long and narrow room in which the heat and air conditioning don’t work, so it’s either freezing or steaming depending on the weather.

I’ve got all the essentials for a graduate student/teaching assistant: water bottle, coffee thermos, a stack of papers to grade, a stack of journal articles to read, kleenexes, a coffee cup full of writing utensils, my Bible, a stuffed animal duck, a seashell, my schedule, pictures of my best friends, encouragement from the Word, and a blanket. Just to name a few.

It’s not much, but it’s mine and I love it. There are big windows and there are always other grad students around to complain about our students with. (Plus it’s a great place to hide from my advisor and blog instead of doing research.)

(Notice the desk to the right of mine. You know how most places have a junk drawer? The grad students’ office has a junk desk.)


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