Coffee Adventures (Pt. 1)

Remember our coffee challenge? We’re going to visit all the coffee shops in Springfield! Here is part 1 of our journey.

First stop, The Hub.


We’d heard about The Hub and it’s pretty close to our place, so we thought we’d check it out. It’s small, but has a really neat atmosphere. It’s in an old brick building and there are bicycles hanging from the ceiling.



The Hub is a coffee shop and a bicycle shop in one. Springfield is all about riding bikes. We see people riding their bikes here all the time. I’d really like to get one, and The Hub seems like a great place to find a really unique bike.



I got a frappuccino and Brad got a mocha. I actually wasn’t a big fan of mine or Brad’s, so Brad pretty much drank both of them. I’m a lot more picky when it comes to coffee than Brad is.


Loved this.


We went to The Hub when it was actually still pretty warm outside in the evenings, so we decided to take our drinks outside and enjoy the nice weather.

Overall, we liked The Hub for its atmosphere and location, but not so much for the coffee. I’m glad we tried it, and maybe we’ll be back for bikes!


Our next coffee stop was Big Momma’s Coffee and Expresso Bar.


This coffee shop is also close to where we live. We had passed it several times and decided to check out the website. When we saw that they had an open mic night, we knew we had to go.


I got a mint mocha. I liked it, but I was hoping for more mint.


Of course I brought my mini-Uno cards!

20121021-121557.jpgBig Momma’s was quite an experience. Funny. Awkward. Weird. Inappropriate. To hear about it check out Brad’s post about it!


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