Happy Birthday Mom

The fourth of October is a special day. It is Lynn Donley’s special day. In honor of her birthday I decided to write a special little post and share some of my favorite things about and memories of mom.

I’ve been blessed with a great relationship with my mom. She’s always been one of my best friends. One time in seventh grade I was feeling insecure and like I had no friends on a Friday night. So mom dropped what she had going on and took me on a special mother-daughter date. You know that song by Taylor Swift, The Best Day? It was just like that. Best mom award.

Speaking of mother-daughter dates, mom is a great shopper (another quality of a great friend). Have you ever gone shopping with someone and you didn’t enjoy it? They didn’t like the same stores as you, they walked too slow, they wanted to eat at the food court, etc. Well mom is the perfect shopping companion. Best shopper award.

Did I mention that my mom is funny? (Actually both of my parents are pretty funny. And cute. I mean look at the cuteness going on in this picture.) She is always cracking Dylan and me up. I’ll admit that sometimes we may be laughing at her, but she is always laughing with us. Funniest mom award.

Prettiest mom award. I mean need I say more?

Mom and I took a trip to Europe with my aunt and cousin a few years ago. It was an amazing trip. So many memories.

Want to hear a funny story from the trip? We got off the plane in London and hunted down a place to eat. We walked in to a cafe and got seated. Mom: They must have heard us speaking English and gave us English menus. Us: They speak English here…

Another story from the trip: just moments after this picture was taken, we lost mom. Lost. In London. Without phones. Not to mention it was the summer that the movie Taken came out. We had one day in London and we spent the majority of it searching for mom. Okay, so maybe not the happiest memory, but it was a memory. At the moment I was pretty upset at mom, but I felt a little better a few days later in Rome when a bird pooped on her.

I’ll make it to London again someday and I’ll see more than just Buckingham Palace. Don’t worry, the whole trip wasn’t lost! We had many more wonderful memories of spending meals with out Swedish relatives, shopping at a real Swedish IKEA, losing our luggage, eating gelato, and walking all over Rome. Best Traveling Buddy Award.

Happy Birthday, mom. I hope you have the most wonderful day, because you deserve it. I love you!


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