I’m avoiding reading a journal article about Tor1 and Tor2 complexes, so I thought this would be a good time to make an Instagram post!

Last week was my first official week on my own in the lab, doing my own experiments without another grad student helping me with everything. Mistakes have been made, and there have been plenty of frustrations, but I’ve enjoyed being in control of my project and (slowly) making progress. Here is my very first figure. I’m very proud of it. There will be many more to come!


I love hearing Brad talk to prospective SBU students. He uses his “game show host” voice and it totally brings me back to our call center days.


Have you seen these?? Burger King has them and I suggest you check it out. It’s a touch-screen drink dispenser. There are so many options! I got strawberry Fanta and Brad got grape Mello Yello.


I love reconnecting with old friends. Kelly and I have both recently moved to Springfield and it was so much fun to catch up. I love time spent with Brad, but it’s nice to have girl time too :)


Have you ever been in a huge building with hundreds of people and someone pulled the fire alarm? Was there actually a fire? Well this happened to me today and there was a legit fire.

All of my classes are in the building Temple. At about 3:00 today I was taking images of my cells in the microscope room and the fire alarm started going off. Of course I went into the hallway to see what was up. Next thing I knew the professors were ordering us all to evacuate! So I grabbed the only possession I had on me, my phone, and joined the sea of students leaving the building.


We were unsure if it was real at first, but when fire trucks just kept coming we knew something had really happened. The firemen pulled out the hoses and headed in. At that point, we knew we’d be there for a while.


Most people left, but of course I had left my keys in the building, so I had no way of getting into the Jeep or the house. I waited it out with a few other students and two and a half hours later we were let back into the building to collect our belongings and get out. So much for getting anything accomplished today. Sigh.


Turns out that the fire started in a General Chemistry lab on the fourth floor (I work on the second). The fire busted a PCV pipe that ran water, so the entire fourth floor was flooded and had leaked down to the third floor. Some water even got into a few of the labs on the second floor. Plus it took them a while to clear out the smoke because there aren’t very many windows in Temple.

I’m anxious to find out more tomorrow!

It’s fun to get mail after a very long day. And seeing my married name is always a treat!



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