Date Night

Brad was out of town this week, so we’ve splurged this weekend and eaten out almost ever meal. On Friday, Brad, me, Holly, Beka, Kim and Levi went to a movie and Cheddars to celebrate Brad and Levi’s new jobs. It was a blast to get to spend time together outside of school/work and church :)

Saturday was sort of a lazy day. We had McDonald’s for breakfast, leftover Cheddars for lunch and napped in the afternoon. (Actually I was the one doing the napping. Brad ran 3 miles while I slept.) So by dinner time we were ready to get out and do something.

We wanted to try something new since there are so many places in Springfield we have yet to explore. We use the app Foursquare a lot and we had often seen the restaurant Grad School listed, so we decided to check it out.



I got the steak sandwich on flatbread. It was nice to get something I wouldn’t normally. I typically go with some sort of chicken or a pasta. I rarely step out of the box, but I had chicken the night before and then as leftovers for lunch, so trying something new seemed like a good idea and it paid off!


Brad got the Full Ride burger. It was recommended on Foursquare and praised as the best burger in town. I haven’t tried many burgers in Springfield, but it was definitely really yummy. I feel like burgers at restaurants are often so big that you can barely eat it and then it ends up just falling apart halfway through. This burger wasn’t small, but very manageable.


Brad liked it too.


I love trying new places with my hubby! We’d definitely recommend Grad School. It’s downtown off of Walnut on Jefferson.



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