Month: September 2012

Fall Is Here

Fall is here! Fall is my favorite season. I love the smells, the chills, the foods, and the clothes. Next few weeks are super busy for us, so we really wanted to make the most of this beautiful fall Saturday.

We started our Saturday the way the best Saturdays start. Breakfast at Brenda’s. Pancaaaaaaaaaaaakes!!!!!


It was National Coffee Day so we did a throw-back to our call center days and got white chocolate mochas from Heroes Coffee.


Next we were off to the Black Walnut Festival with our friends Dylan and Tory.


We found some treasures. I’m determined to learn how to crochet one of these!


Fair food. The best.



Waiting for the parade means photo op.




I love small town parades. So many bands. So many tractors.




After the Black Walnut Festival, we headed to Rutledge Wilson Farm to pick a pumpkin!






We found one!



Of course every good day ends with Orange Leaf.


I think our first fall day was a success. I’m looking forward to pumpkin spice lattes, brisk walks, and falling leaves for the next couple of months. Happy Fall :)



I’m avoiding reading a journal article about Tor1 and Tor2 complexes, so I thought this would be a good time to make an Instagram post!

Last week was my first official week on my own in the lab, doing my own experiments without another grad student helping me with everything. Mistakes have been made, and there have been plenty of frustrations, but I’ve enjoyed being in control of my project and (slowly) making progress. Here is my very first figure. I’m very proud of it. There will be many more to come!


I love hearing Brad talk to prospective SBU students. He uses his “game show host” voice and it totally brings me back to our call center days.


Have you seen these?? Burger King has them and I suggest you check it out. It’s a touch-screen drink dispenser. There are so many options! I got strawberry Fanta and Brad got grape Mello Yello.


I love reconnecting with old friends. Kelly and I have both recently moved to Springfield and it was so much fun to catch up. I love time spent with Brad, but it’s nice to have girl time too :)


Have you ever been in a huge building with hundreds of people and someone pulled the fire alarm? Was there actually a fire? Well this happened to me today and there was a legit fire.

All of my classes are in the building Temple. At about 3:00 today I was taking images of my cells in the microscope room and the fire alarm started going off. Of course I went into the hallway to see what was up. Next thing I knew the professors were ordering us all to evacuate! So I grabbed the only possession I had on me, my phone, and joined the sea of students leaving the building.


We were unsure if it was real at first, but when fire trucks just kept coming we knew something had really happened. The firemen pulled out the hoses and headed in. At that point, we knew we’d be there for a while.


Most people left, but of course I had left my keys in the building, so I had no way of getting into the Jeep or the house. I waited it out with a few other students and two and a half hours later we were let back into the building to collect our belongings and get out. So much for getting anything accomplished today. Sigh.


Turns out that the fire started in a General Chemistry lab on the fourth floor (I work on the second). The fire busted a PCV pipe that ran water, so the entire fourth floor was flooded and had leaked down to the third floor. Some water even got into a few of the labs on the second floor. Plus it took them a while to clear out the smoke because there aren’t very many windows in Temple.

I’m anxious to find out more tomorrow!

It’s fun to get mail after a very long day. And seeing my married name is always a treat!


Date Night

Brad was out of town this week, so we’ve splurged this weekend and eaten out almost ever meal. On Friday, Brad, me, Holly, Beka, Kim and Levi went to a movie and Cheddars to celebrate Brad and Levi’s new jobs. It was a blast to get to spend time together outside of school/work and church :)

Saturday was sort of a lazy day. We had McDonald’s for breakfast, leftover Cheddars for lunch and napped in the afternoon. (Actually I was the one doing the napping. Brad ran 3 miles while I slept.) So by dinner time we were ready to get out and do something.

We wanted to try something new since there are so many places in Springfield we have yet to explore. We use the app Foursquare a lot and we had often seen the restaurant Grad School listed, so we decided to check it out.



I got the steak sandwich on flatbread. It was nice to get something I wouldn’t normally. I typically go with some sort of chicken or a pasta. I rarely step out of the box, but I had chicken the night before and then as leftovers for lunch, so trying something new seemed like a good idea and it paid off!


Brad got the Full Ride burger. It was recommended on Foursquare and praised as the best burger in town. I haven’t tried many burgers in Springfield, but it was definitely really yummy. I feel like burgers at restaurants are often so big that you can barely eat it and then it ends up just falling apart halfway through. This burger wasn’t small, but very manageable.


Brad liked it too.


I love trying new places with my hubby! We’d definitely recommend Grad School. It’s downtown off of Walnut on Jefferson.


Coffee Coffee Coffee

Brad and I love coffee.


(And apparently we love to photograph it.)


Okay, Brad loves coffee. I like coffee. I like coffee shops and drinking things that are mostly chocolate and milk with a hint of coffee, but hey, I’ve come a long way.


As you can see, our coffee adventures have been mostly limited to Starbucks.


So it’s time to spice up our coffee-life.


There are a lot of coffee shops in Springfield.


And we’ve decided to try them all!


Ambitious? Yes, but we’ll be in Springfield for at least two years and Brad is in the mood for coffee pretty much 24/7.


We’ve scoped out a few that we’re excited to try! But of course we don’t know of every coffee shop in Springfield. So help us out! Where do you recommend??


Don’t worry, I’ll be sharing some of our coffee adventures here! And don’t forget to check on our Tumblr for more consistent updates :)

Now get out there and enjoy this amazing weather! Happy Sunday!

Mom comes to visit

This weekend we got the pleasure of having our first house guest! Mom came down to see us Friday night and left Saturday afternoon. It was such a blessing to spend Friday evening with my mom and my husband, then do what mom and I do best (shop and eat) on Saturday morning.

Our first stop was an adorable shop in Republic that my mom’s dear friend Carrie owns, Minden Place Antiques. This candle makes me so excited for fall!


I’m a sucker for cheesy sayings.


This shop is ready for fall! I’m looking forward to that chilly fall weather.



It was so difficult to leave without taking this little guy with me.


After chatting with Carrie and her mom, we made our way back to Springfield for lunch. I’ve been itching to try the Aviary Cafe and Creperie and I thought it would be the perfect place to take mom. Of course, it was adorable. Totally in love. Like, how cute is this:


I could have taken a million pictures of this place (especially the bathroom), but it was pretty crowded so I thought that might make for some awkward encounters.


The umbrellas! So neat.


My pretty mom :)


The mashed potatoes are to die for. I’d definitely recommend them.


It was such a blessing to have mom here this weekend. I’m so lucky to have a best friend in my mom. I wish she was here to go antique-ing with me more often! Love you mama :)