Newlywed Life

Hello there. I retired Insta-Monday for now, but I promised occasional Instragram posts. Brad and I have been married for over three weeks! We’re coming up on a month of married bliss! I started graduate school at MSU this week (I taught my first lab today!) and I’m happy to announce that Brad got a new job! My husband is the newest admissions representative at Southwest Baptist University. We are excited for this new change. God is so faithful to take care of us. We have been so truly blessed these past few months.

I think it’s about time we announce that Brad & I have started a Tumblr. We are decided to post a picture for everyday of our first year of marriage! Check it out at!

Here are a few peeks at our newlywed life!


Thank you notes thank you notes thank you notes. So many written. So many more to go. It is a huge task, but it is also so much fun to go through our list and talk about what a blessing each person has been to us and to reminisce about such a memorable day.


Yeah. I’m married to this guy.


Some of my favorite evenings are spent drinking coffee and listening to Brad (and occasionally singing along).


Our newest obsession: Red Velvet Ice Cream. Also, thanks to mom for the cute dessert bowls!


The beautiful fall Ozark sunsets are returning. I love fall in the Ozarks.


Chips and salsa has become a staple in our diet. Also, I adore my new Martha Stewart mixing bowls and my green Target table cloth.


School has officially begun and you can see it in our living room. A few things in this picture: an empty glass of iced coffee, a water bottle, multiple newspapers, a guitar pic, several folders & binders, and a bag of clothes to be donated.

I hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of school! I always love this time of year. Reuniting with friends, still being tan, the heat is waning, and fall is coming. :)


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