Closet Challenge

Happy Wednesday! This is my only free day from grad school meetings, so my day has been filled with cleaning, organizing, checking twitter, and listening to the new Taylor Swift song on repeat.

This weekend is going to be our first official weekend together in Springfield. We’re excited to spend our Saturday spending some of our gift cards and thrifting! We’re still looking for a dresser, arm chair, desk, and other neat treasures. Let me know if you have one or know of any of those items! We love our duplex, but we are ready to start filling it with furniture. We bought a couch last weekend and should be getting it on Friday. We are super excited to get it! Our living room is a little mismatched and empty at the moment. I’ll post pictures ASAP!

Okay. So onto the real point of this post: Closet Challenge.

I don’t have a problem getting rid of my stuff. I have always been ready to be out with the old and in with the new. The same is true for my clothes. I love shopping, especially when it’s a great deal and something I love. My mom and I have had countless shopping days, yet our closets aren’t exploding by any means, because every few months we go through our closets & donate what we don’t wear enough. Note that I said wear enough. Just because you wear something once a year (or every other year) doesn’t mean you should keep it. Someone else may love that top and be able to sport it all the time rather than it sit in your closet for months!

I saw this way to thin out your closet a few months ago on Pinterest, and I’ve been waiting for a good time to start. I thought that starting a new school in a new city would be the perfect time. Here’s what you do: turn all of your clothing hangers the opposite way (see photos). After you wear something, put it back in the closet with the hanger hanging the correct way. After an allotted amount of time (one year, six months, a season, a semester), you can easily see which items you never wore, because their hangers will still be hanging the wrong way. I like this idea because sometimes when I am going through my clothes it’s hard to remember how often I wear something. This method make it clear what your least favorite items are.

A new semester is beginning for me. At the end of the semester, during Christmas break, I will go through my closet and evaluate what clothes I didn’t wear. My coats and bulky sweaters are currently in another closet, so clearing out these clothes will help make way for my winter garb.

When was the last time you cleaned out your closet?? I know sometimes it can be hard to let go of things, but clearing out can be such a great feeling. And donating to a place with a good cause makes it even more worth while!




Maybe you should hold your own closet challenge!


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