The Honeymoon (Pt. 3)

Today is Brad’s first day back at work, and my first day of being a housewife. Of course I started my day by making a list of things to accomplish this week. Finishing this blog series made the list, so here we are.

Here is Wednesday, our second and last full day in Chicago, plus a pic from our traveling day back to KC. I hope you’ve enjoyed taking a peek at our honeymoon!


For lunch on Wednesday, we made our way down to the south side of the city to an Italian restaurant called Gioco. My uncle lives in Chicago and was generous enough to give us a gift card to Gioco as a wedding present. He has lived in Chicago for years and this is one of his favorite restaurants, so we knew it would be great!

This is a picture of my favorite fancy dessert, creme brulee. Delicious, of course. Brad opted for vanilla ice cream with espresso. Also fantastic. Indulging at a high-end restaurant was really a treat for the two of us.

After lunch we explored the south side a bit, but soon found ourselves exhausted from all of the walking the day before, so we headed back to the hotel. I took a nice three hour nap (that’s what vacation is for, right??), while Brad read, watched the Olympics, and took a short nap. Brad finally woke me up and we headed over to Millennium Park.


Millennium Park features free concerts to the symphony during the summer. The pavilion seats about 11,000. It was really fun to enjoy the beautiful weather, fantastic music, and feel like a real Chicago-an.



Married and matching.



After the concert we took a turn around the area to soak up our last evening in lovely Chicago.


Another shot of Grant Park. You can see our hotel in the background!


After our big lunch, we didn’t get hungry until about 9:00. We wanted to keep it cheap, so we headed to Epic Burger. We had seen signs for it and it kept popping up for foursquare, so we decided to give it a chance. It was really delicious and inexpensive, plus they had the Olympics on so we didn’t have to miss it!


Let’s go home. Don’t worry, Chicago, we’ll be back.

It was a great trip, but the honeymoon’s not over. It has only begun :)


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