The Honeymoon (Pt. 2)

Happy Sunday! One week has passed since our wedding day and we couldn’t be happier. Yesterday we spent the afternoon thrifting and managed to snag a $10 bookshelf and a $.50 tie. We’re still on the hunt for another bookshelf (we have a lot of books), a dresser, and a desk. I’m really looking forward to exploring Springfield and finding treasures to fill our home :)

Alright alright, onto the pictures. Tuesday was our first of two full days in Chicago. We did A LOT of walking. We walked to Millennium Park, up and down the Navy Pier, on Michigan Ave. to the north side of the city, to the John Hancock building, and lots of places in between. Day 2:


Of course we began our day by grabbing some Starbucks before heading to the park. It was a beautiful day and we took our time walking and people watching. It was a Tuesday, so we were lucky to find the city not very busy. There were just  few tourists and kids’ camps around.


The infamous bean. It was just fun to watch the kids squeal as they found their reflections. People watching was especially fun here.


The city.


Great for a photo op!


You can see a little glimpse of the river behind us as we made our way across the bridge. You can see so many buildings from that spot!!


From the end of the Navy pier.

We were pretty exhausted from a day of exploring the city, so for dinner we decided on our go-to Chipotle. Then we hit up the city Target for lack of underwear. I love the city, but one drawback was that we couldn’t just run up to Walmart to get something real quick. We never even saw a Walmart and it seemed like it took us forever to get to the Target. It makes me appreciate the smallness and accessibility of Springfield. Although I was a fan of having a Starbucks on every corner!

This weekend Brad & I are returning to the Red Barn Farm (where we got married) for Brad to play the music in a friend’s wedding. He is practicing now while I blog. I can tell that Sundays like this are going to be a favorite of mine.


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