Month: August 2012

One month: thoughts on my married life

Yesterday marked one month of marriage for Brad and me. And let’s just say that it’s been, like, totally the best ever. I thought I’d share a few thoughts on my new life as a married woman living in a new town with a new job and new school.


>I get to wake up to this everyday, which rocks. (Note: No headboard… Anybody wanna make one or buy one for us?)


>Having some one to eat meals with also rocks. Especially breakfast. And what’s even better is that you have a dish-washing buddy. I wash. He dries.

(I can’t believe I am already turning into my mother so much that after two weeks of having a dishwasher I’ve opted to quit the dishwasher and start hand wash everything. Bah. I am my mother’s daughter.)

(Check out our awesome IKEA napkins. Love.)


>There is always somebody to get ice cream with. Our most recent obsession is Red Velvet. Yum yum yum.

>The temperature has become a constant battle. He’s always hot. I’m always cold.

>Making couple-friends is fun!


>Motivation for doing schoolwork goes way down.

>You never have to go to the store by yourself.

>Sometimes weird things happen like you get a couch and there is sticky stuff all over the cushion. Then you call Furniture Deal$ and they send you more cushions.


>Double wardrobe!! So. Many. T-shirts.

>Speaking of wardrobes, you wouldn’t think that one more person would make that much of a difference, but I feel like I do laundry all the time now. I used to be able to get away with doing laundry every two or three weeks. Maybe I just need to buy Brad more clothes.

>You always have someone to go on a walk with.


>Going on walks/runs and talking about God & faith together. You get back feeling refreshed physically and mentally.

So thankful for this guy.

If you want to check out the first month of our marriage go to our Tumblr :)

Newlywed Life

Hello there. I retired Insta-Monday for now, but I promised occasional Instragram posts. Brad and I have been married for over three weeks! We’re coming up on a month of married bliss! I started graduate school at MSU this week (I taught my first lab today!) and I’m happy to announce that Brad got a new job! My husband is the newest admissions representative at Southwest Baptist University. We are excited for this new change. God is so faithful to take care of us. We have been so truly blessed these past few months.

I think it’s about time we announce that Brad & I have started a Tumblr. We are decided to post a picture for everyday of our first year of marriage! Check it out at!

Here are a few peeks at our newlywed life!


Thank you notes thank you notes thank you notes. So many written. So many more to go. It is a huge task, but it is also so much fun to go through our list and talk about what a blessing each person has been to us and to reminisce about such a memorable day.


Yeah. I’m married to this guy.


Some of my favorite evenings are spent drinking coffee and listening to Brad (and occasionally singing along).


Our newest obsession: Red Velvet Ice Cream. Also, thanks to mom for the cute dessert bowls!


The beautiful fall Ozark sunsets are returning. I love fall in the Ozarks.


Chips and salsa has become a staple in our diet. Also, I adore my new Martha Stewart mixing bowls and my green Target table cloth.


School has officially begun and you can see it in our living room. A few things in this picture: an empty glass of iced coffee, a water bottle, multiple newspapers, a guitar pic, several folders & binders, and a bag of clothes to be donated.

I hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of school! I always love this time of year. Reuniting with friends, still being tan, the heat is waning, and fall is coming. :)

Closet Challenge

Happy Wednesday! This is my only free day from grad school meetings, so my day has been filled with cleaning, organizing, checking twitter, and listening to the new Taylor Swift song on repeat.

This weekend is going to be our first official weekend together in Springfield. We’re excited to spend our Saturday spending some of our gift cards and thrifting! We’re still looking for a dresser, arm chair, desk, and other neat treasures. Let me know if you have one or know of any of those items! We love our duplex, but we are ready to start filling it with furniture. We bought a couch last weekend and should be getting it on Friday. We are super excited to get it! Our living room is a little mismatched and empty at the moment. I’ll post pictures ASAP!

Okay. So onto the real point of this post: Closet Challenge.

I don’t have a problem getting rid of my stuff. I have always been ready to be out with the old and in with the new. The same is true for my clothes. I love shopping, especially when it’s a great deal and something I love. My mom and I have had countless shopping days, yet our closets aren’t exploding by any means, because every few months we go through our closets & donate what we don’t wear enough. Note that I said wear enough. Just because you wear something once a year (or every other year) doesn’t mean you should keep it. Someone else may love that top and be able to sport it all the time rather than it sit in your closet for months!

I saw this way to thin out your closet a few months ago on Pinterest, and I’ve been waiting for a good time to start. I thought that starting a new school in a new city would be the perfect time. Here’s what you do: turn all of your clothing hangers the opposite way (see photos). After you wear something, put it back in the closet with the hanger hanging the correct way. After an allotted amount of time (one year, six months, a season, a semester), you can easily see which items you never wore, because their hangers will still be hanging the wrong way. I like this idea because sometimes when I am going through my clothes it’s hard to remember how often I wear something. This method make it clear what your least favorite items are.

A new semester is beginning for me. At the end of the semester, during Christmas break, I will go through my closet and evaluate what clothes I didn’t wear. My coats and bulky sweaters are currently in another closet, so clearing out these clothes will help make way for my winter garb.

When was the last time you cleaned out your closet?? I know sometimes it can be hard to let go of things, but clearing out can be such a great feeling. And donating to a place with a good cause makes it even more worth while!




Maybe you should hold your own closet challenge!

Wedding Weekend

I thought I’d share with you a few wedding weekend moments I managed to capture on my phone. It was a truly joyous weekend!


Mom & I got to spend some quality mother-daughter time by lunching at our favorite local tea room.


I embroidered this handkerchief for my dad. We shared the initials K.D. and I wanted to make him something to remind him and me that I was always a K.D. first. Also, this was my first experience with embroidery and I really liked it! I’m excited to try it again!


I worked at a daycare in Raymore this summer to earn a little extra cash before getting hitched. I’m really thankful for the girls there and all the fun I got to have with the kids. It was sad to leave them!


I wish I would have taken more pictures at my bachelorette party, but I was too caught up in having fun to be messing with my phone! Casie threw me the best party. It was so fun to party with my girlfriends from all different parts of my life all at once!


Rehearsal dinner time! We were ready to be married!!


Lea put together a delicious rehearsal dinner with adorable decorations!


And of course the Jeep broke down.


Wedding day forecast. It ended begin even hotter than that!! What a happy, sweaty day.


The boutonnieres. I wish I would have taken a picture of our bouquets!


My best friend & Maid of Honor. Love this girl.


Wedding hair. I had never gotten my hair done professionally and I really loved how it turned out! Plus it stayed all day through the heat!


Just chillin’ in the hotel ready to tie the knot!

We should be getting our wedding pictures very soon! I’m excited to see how they all turned out. Better than phone pictures I’m sure.

Brad & I are officially settling down into our Springfield life. My responsibilities at MSU have begun and we won’t be going back to Kansas City for a couple of months. We purchased a couch this weekend, so I’m really excited to start getting our little home in order and really decorate this place! It’s going to be really fun.

The Honeymoon (Pt. 3)

Today is Brad’s first day back at work, and my first day of being a housewife. Of course I started my day by making a list of things to accomplish this week. Finishing this blog series made the list, so here we are.

Here is Wednesday, our second and last full day in Chicago, plus a pic from our traveling day back to KC. I hope you’ve enjoyed taking a peek at our honeymoon!


For lunch on Wednesday, we made our way down to the south side of the city to an Italian restaurant called Gioco. My uncle lives in Chicago and was generous enough to give us a gift card to Gioco as a wedding present. He has lived in Chicago for years and this is one of his favorite restaurants, so we knew it would be great!

This is a picture of my favorite fancy dessert, creme brulee. Delicious, of course. Brad opted for vanilla ice cream with espresso. Also fantastic. Indulging at a high-end restaurant was really a treat for the two of us.

After lunch we explored the south side a bit, but soon found ourselves exhausted from all of the walking the day before, so we headed back to the hotel. I took a nice three hour nap (that’s what vacation is for, right??), while Brad read, watched the Olympics, and took a short nap. Brad finally woke me up and we headed over to Millennium Park.


Millennium Park features free concerts to the symphony during the summer. The pavilion seats about 11,000. It was really fun to enjoy the beautiful weather, fantastic music, and feel like a real Chicago-an.



Married and matching.



After the concert we took a turn around the area to soak up our last evening in lovely Chicago.


Another shot of Grant Park. You can see our hotel in the background!


After our big lunch, we didn’t get hungry until about 9:00. We wanted to keep it cheap, so we headed to Epic Burger. We had seen signs for it and it kept popping up for foursquare, so we decided to give it a chance. It was really delicious and inexpensive, plus they had the Olympics on so we didn’t have to miss it!


Let’s go home. Don’t worry, Chicago, we’ll be back.

It was a great trip, but the honeymoon’s not over. It has only begun :)

The Honeymoon (Pt. 2)

Happy Sunday! One week has passed since our wedding day and we couldn’t be happier. Yesterday we spent the afternoon thrifting and managed to snag a $10 bookshelf and a $.50 tie. We’re still on the hunt for another bookshelf (we have a lot of books), a dresser, and a desk. I’m really looking forward to exploring Springfield and finding treasures to fill our home :)

Alright alright, onto the pictures. Tuesday was our first of two full days in Chicago. We did A LOT of walking. We walked to Millennium Park, up and down the Navy Pier, on Michigan Ave. to the north side of the city, to the John Hancock building, and lots of places in between. Day 2:


Of course we began our day by grabbing some Starbucks before heading to the park. It was a beautiful day and we took our time walking and people watching. It was a Tuesday, so we were lucky to find the city not very busy. There were just  few tourists and kids’ camps around.


The infamous bean. It was just fun to watch the kids squeal as they found their reflections. People watching was especially fun here.


The city.


Great for a photo op!


You can see a little glimpse of the river behind us as we made our way across the bridge. You can see so many buildings from that spot!!


From the end of the Navy pier.

We were pretty exhausted from a day of exploring the city, so for dinner we decided on our go-to Chipotle. Then we hit up the city Target for lack of underwear. I love the city, but one drawback was that we couldn’t just run up to Walmart to get something real quick. We never even saw a Walmart and it seemed like it took us forever to get to the Target. It makes me appreciate the smallness and accessibility of Springfield. Although I was a fan of having a Starbucks on every corner!

This weekend Brad & I are returning to the Red Barn Farm (where we got married) for Brad to play the music in a friend’s wedding. He is practicing now while I blog. I can tell that Sundays like this are going to be a favorite of mine.

The Honeymoon (Pt. 1)

Hello from Springfield. It’s our official full day living in Springfield as a married couple. We managed to snag some free wifi, so I thought I’d do a little honeymoon post while my husband takes an afternoon nap.

The wedding was hot, sweaty, and wonderful. We had such a blast and we are so thankful for all the friends and family that helped make it happen. We feel very blessed.

We went to Chicago for our honeymoon. Brad had never been and I had been twice, but once was when I was young and the other was a few years ago, but was only for a day. We loved Chi-Town. Our favorite thing about it was the weather. It was such a relief from the heat wave we’ve had in KC!!

I took about a zillion pictures on my phone, but here are my favorites from Day 1:


Look at that ring. That’s my husband. Yeeeeeeeahhhhhhh!!!


We’re married. So happy.


Our first meal in Chicago, recommended by our friends Kyle & Michelle. They just recently went to Chicago on their honeymoon as well, so they had some good tips for us. This place was great! Super close to our hotel, great Chicago-style pizza, and inexpensive.


Yum yum yum.


Our first evening was pretty chill. After dinner and getting a disposable camera at CVS, we decided to explore Grant Park. We were lucky that it was right across the street from our hotel.


So amazing to sit on the lake shore and enjoy a beautiful city sunset. A great beginning to a wonderful trip.

Day 2 is coming soon!!