The Last Insta-Monday

Well folks, I’ve decided to make this my last Insta-Monday. I started it at the beginning of the summer to spice up my blog and it’s turned out to be pretty fun! But since I won’t be able to make a post next Monday (because I’ll be on my HONEYMOON) I decided this was a good time to end it. Once schools starts the third week of August, my posts would start consisting of mostly pictures of lab stuff. I’ll still make an Instagram post every once in a while, don’t worry!

This is my last week as a Donley. It’s a bittersweet feeling, but mostly sweet. It’s weird to think that in a week I won’t live in the house I grew up in. I know there will be things I’ll miss about living at home, but the excitement of living with my husband way outweighs it. Marital bliss here I come!



This has been a crazy hot summer, which is a bummer when you don’t have a pool. So the Fullers and I made our way to the Harrisonville pool to escape the heat!


It’s official!! We’ve got our marriage license!


Brad and I got a waffle maker for our wedding and got to test it out this weekend! I think this will become a regular occurrence at the Bartlett house.


This was the last time I had to leave Brad! The next time I drive to Kansas City from Springfield, I’ll be a married woman and my husband will be riding shotgun.


A big summer sun.

Well Insta-Monday, it’s been fun, but I must say farewell!


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