Showered with blessings

Last night was my fourth and final wedding shower: my church shower. I have attended FBC Raymore all my life. I’ve been to countless wedding showers there with my mom, and my turn finally came. I was overwhelmed by the generosity of the women of my church home. There was a great turn out, and many women dropped off gifts ahead of time because they couldn’t make it to the shower. There was one woman there that I met for the first time last night. She is in my parent’s Sunday School class and came to support my mom.

It was such a blessing to be surrounded by women that cared for me and my family. They came not only baring gifts, but also blessings and advice for my marriage and future. I have been so fortunate to have these godly women to look up to and count on. It is times like these that I remember what power and blessing there is in a Christ-community. Being a part of this community is something that I will always treasure, especially as I move away from Raymore and venture onto new places.

After surveying our new belongings, Brad and I joked that we had “hit the jackpot” at this shower. Later as I was reflecting on the day, I realized this expression is used when one receives a valuable treasure, often without working for it. So it seems that we really did “hit the jackpot”. Our church family gave gifts freely and cheerfully, because we are a part of the same body of Christ and we are called to share together in everything. I think that is the best kind of treasure to receive.










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