July 9th already. Summer is really flying by, but at the same time graduation feels like it was so long ago. Just 20 more days of summer, then wedding, then honeymoon, then grad school!!

In addition to Instagrams of my week, here is what I’m currently loving:

Maroon 5’s new album Overexposed. I’ve been listening to this on repeat. It’s summery and fun and perfect for dancing while I make wedding crafts.

MTV2’s Retro afternoons. Saved By The Bell from 11 to 1 and Boy Meets World from 1 to 3. Summer afternoons don’t get any better than that.

Yoga. My brother and I have been taking advantage of our summer gym membership by attending yoga class twice a week. I’ve always been intimidated by yoga, because I’ve never been very balanced or flexible, but I have really come to enjoy it! It is awesome for strength training, which is great for me, because I despise lifting weights. I also like it because most poses can be adjusted for your skill level. It is challenging without being impossible or painful! I can already tell it has made a difference in my strength and flexibility.

Okay, now for the Instagrams!


Meet Sophie Fuller, my favorite little puppy.


Random summer stilts adventure.



My family welcomed the first great-grandbaby into the world two weeks ago. Such a little thing can be such a huge blessing.


Wedding crafting! You’ll find this little project at the wine table :)


Brad made a photobook from our engagement pictures and I love it. He did a great job. What can I say, we’re adorable.


Finally some rain. It really helped cool things down. Hopefully we can stay out of the 100’s this week!


I made my first visit to the Springfield Bass Pro Shop this week. It was HUGE, but really fun to explore. It made me want to go camping!

I’m going to try to blog about something other than the wedding or pictures, but that seems to be all that is really going on here lately. I enjoy wedding planning, but I am mostly ready to just be married!


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