Month: July 2012

The Last Insta-Monday

Well folks, I’ve decided to make this my last Insta-Monday. I started it at the beginning of the summer to spice up my blog and it’s turned out to be pretty fun! But since I won’t be able to make a post next Monday (because I’ll be on my HONEYMOON) I decided this was a good time to end it. Once schools starts the third week of August, my posts would start consisting of mostly pictures of lab stuff. I’ll still make an Instagram post every once in a while, don’t worry!

This is my last week as a Donley. It’s a bittersweet feeling, but mostly sweet. It’s weird to think that in a week I won’t live in the house I grew up in. I know there will be things I’ll miss about living at home, but the excitement of living with my husband way outweighs it. Marital bliss here I come!



This has been a crazy hot summer, which is a bummer when you don’t have a pool. So the Fullers and I made our way to the Harrisonville pool to escape the heat!


It’s official!! We’ve got our marriage license!


Brad and I got a waffle maker for our wedding and got to test it out this weekend! I think this will become a regular occurrence at the Bartlett house.


This was the last time I had to leave Brad! The next time I drive to Kansas City from Springfield, I’ll be a married woman and my husband will be riding shotgun.


A big summer sun.

Well Insta-Monday, it’s been fun, but I must say farewell!


We’ve finally reached the two week point until the wedding! Words cannot express how ready I am for that day to come. The end is near, and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. My to-do list is finally starting to look a little smaller. This week I was blessed to have my church shower.  I even posted about it! You can read it here.

Brad and I met with our wedding officiant for marriage counseling on Saturday.  I’ve really been beginning to feel the pressure lately with all of the wedding planning, and it was wonderful to be reminded by our friend that our true purpose is to glorify God. When you take time to step back and evaluate what is really important, things like wedding programs and tablecloths don’t seem so daunting. I’m thankful for the calmness God can bring in the midst of so much busyness.


I’ve been giving my hair and face a break this summer and I’ve loved it. I’m hardly seen lately without a ponytail, shorts and a t-shirt, and a bare face. My wedding shower gave me a reason to curl my hair and try out some of the new make up I bought for the wedding. I love being laid back, but sometimes it’s really fun to dress up :)


Free Starbucks!! I love free and I love Starbucks. Perfect combination. I’m not sure if I would ever buy a Refresher, but I still enjoyed it!


I’ve been going through my closet lately to pack things for Brad to bring home and I found my old art portfolio. It was really fun to look through my old sketchbooks and find some of my favorite pieces. This one is a scratch-art I did freshman year of high school.


Some of my favorite moments with Brad have happened inside coffee shops. My current drink is iced coffee with caramel syrup and half-and-half.


This weekend one of my oldest friends got married. We met in preschool and went to prom together our senior year. I’ve enjoyed growing up with her and it was such a blessing to watch her marry her best friend.


My two favorites. Casie got to our house wearing this San Diego t-shirt, so my dad proceeded to put on his matching one. Twins.


This summer has been full of pretty sunsets.


These two will be honeymooning in two weeks!! Yeehaw!!!!!

Showered with blessings

Last night was my fourth and final wedding shower: my church shower. I have attended FBC Raymore all my life. I’ve been to countless wedding showers there with my mom, and my turn finally came. I was overwhelmed by the generosity of the women of my church home. There was a great turn out, and many women dropped off gifts ahead of time because they couldn’t make it to the shower. There was one woman there that I met for the first time last night. She is in my parent’s Sunday School class and came to support my mom.

It was such a blessing to be surrounded by women that cared for me and my family. They came not only baring gifts, but also blessings and advice for my marriage and future. I have been so fortunate to have these godly women to look up to and count on. It is times like these that I remember what power and blessing there is in a Christ-community. Being a part of this community is something that I will always treasure, especially as I move away from Raymore and venture onto new places.

After surveying our new belongings, Brad and I joked that we had “hit the jackpot” at this shower. Later as I was reflecting on the day, I realized this expression is used when one receives a valuable treasure, often without working for it. So it seems that we really did “hit the jackpot”. Our church family gave gifts freely and cheerfully, because we are a part of the same body of Christ and we are called to share together in everything. I think that is the best kind of treasure to receive.










July 9th already. Summer is really flying by, but at the same time graduation feels like it was so long ago. Just 20 more days of summer, then wedding, then honeymoon, then grad school!!

In addition to Instagrams of my week, here is what I’m currently loving:

Maroon 5’s new album Overexposed. I’ve been listening to this on repeat. It’s summery and fun and perfect for dancing while I make wedding crafts.

MTV2’s Retro afternoons. Saved By The Bell from 11 to 1 and Boy Meets World from 1 to 3. Summer afternoons don’t get any better than that.

Yoga. My brother and I have been taking advantage of our summer gym membership by attending yoga class twice a week. I’ve always been intimidated by yoga, because I’ve never been very balanced or flexible, but I have really come to enjoy it! It is awesome for strength training, which is great for me, because I despise lifting weights. I also like it because most poses can be adjusted for your skill level. It is challenging without being impossible or painful! I can already tell it has made a difference in my strength and flexibility.

Okay, now for the Instagrams!


Meet Sophie Fuller, my favorite little puppy.


Random summer stilts adventure.



My family welcomed the first great-grandbaby into the world two weeks ago. Such a little thing can be such a huge blessing.


Wedding crafting! You’ll find this little project at the wine table :)


Brad made a photobook from our engagement pictures and I love it. He did a great job. What can I say, we’re adorable.


Finally some rain. It really helped cool things down. Hopefully we can stay out of the 100’s this week!


I made my first visit to the Springfield Bass Pro Shop this week. It was HUGE, but really fun to explore. It made me want to go camping!

I’m going to try to blog about something other than the wedding or pictures, but that seems to be all that is really going on here lately. I enjoy wedding planning, but I am mostly ready to just be married!


Another Monday has come along. There are only 3 more Mondays until the wedding! Time is flying by and things are really starting to come together. In exactly one month I will be on my honeymoon! I have truly enjoyed being engaged, but I’m ready to become a wife already! I’m sure everyone that reads this is ready to stop hearing about the wedding as well! Ha.

This week was full of hot weather and work, but it ended with a great weekend. Here’s a look:


The theme for the week was hot. Every time I got on Facebook or Twitter someone was posting about the temperature. A year ago I was working at Camp War Eagle. This heat makes me question how I survived living outside with no A/C for a month! Lots of water + sunscreen!

[This picture comes from my favorite weather app, Swackett. It gives you the weather for the day, plus tips of what you should wear according to the forecast! And it gives fun facts. Today’s fact was the top 5 vacation spots worldwide. They are Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Florence, Rome, and New York City in case you were wondering!]


Hallmark gave me a little thought for my day. How do you make everyday a special occasion?


Summers at home are a great time to catch up with people I don’t get to see often. I’m so thankful for Nicole and her friendship. Plus, isn’t this backpack the coolest?! Her brother bought it for her in Guatemala!


The Best Friends Club was at it again on Friday. We began our day with several hours of Saved By The Bell and Boy Meets World (this is becoming a daily routine). After brainstorming for what to do with our afternoon, we opted for food, since anything outside was way too hot. So of course we hit up the best place in town to eat: Chipotle. Next we stopped McDonald’s for drinks and we got two free shakes! Sometimes it pays to have a brother that knows everyone.


This Friday we celebrated just one month until our wedding! The countdown is on!




Sunday evening Casie brought us on our first Bubble Tea experience. We visited Tea Drops in Westport. Not my favorite, but worth a try! I got honeydew + pineapple syrup. Brad got chocolate and I liked it the best of everyone’s. I’m always up for trying new things!

Have a happy and safe Fourth of July! Hopefully we will get some rain this week!

[Also, I’ve been listening to Maroon 5’s new album while typing this and I’m really liking it so far!]