Paint my nightstand

I have completed the first item on my Summer To-Do List! My old nightstand got a makeover for its new home in Springfield!



My BF and I had written verses and encouraging words on our nightstands four years ago to bring us smiles and inspiration at college. I loved it, but I want to get a completely different look for it this time around.



I’m on a budget, and, knowing me, I’ll be repainting this nightstand within the next couple of years, so I didn’t want to break the bank on paint. I went for the cheapest paint at Walmart. I used ColorPlace Interior Flat in Summer Sunflower. The finished product turned out to be brighter than the paint swatch was, but it still turned out well and I’m satisfied with the color.


This was at one coat of paint. I ended up doing three coats total.




My new nightstand! I really like how it turned out. I think it’s going to look great in our bedroom!

Also, my handsome man has been blogging himself lately. He’s the real writer, so you should take a look!


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