I’m very excited to say that Brad is making an appearance in this week’s Insta-Monday! Those were a long two weeks, but it’s comforting knowing the end is near. Just 41 more days until we say “I Do”! We had a blast this weekend looking at furniture and dreaming of decorating our home. Wedding planning has been constantly on my mind lately, but being with Brad instantly calmed my stress and I was able to really relax this weekend.

Also, we finally posted our engagement pictures on Facebook, so you should check them out!


I love summer and all the green it brings. We’ve got to enjoy it because by August it is usually looking pretty brown in Missouri.


This was such an awesome game to be at! I hadn’t seen that many people in the stadium at the end of a game in a long time. We didn’t get there in time to get a free T-shirt, but it was still a great evening of baseball and friends.



After the game we enjoyed some girl time. I’m so jealous of this apartment. It’s totally adorable!


Guess what… I’ve checked one thing off of my To-Do List! I’ll be blogging about my painting experience soon :)



A sneak peek at some wedding decorations!


We got our first wedding present in the mail this week! A lovely floor lamp. We are excited for our apartment to start filling up!


Do you remember seeing old commercials for these things?? I think they were supposed to jiggle the fat away. Oh the things you find at flea markets.


So sad to leave and go home. Very soon I’ll be in Springfield to stay!


I got my diploma in the mail!! I had been seeing others post on Facebook about getting theirs and I was hoping mine would be waiting for me when I got home!


I’ll be missing this guy this week. Please pray for him as he’s entering into the final interview for a job this week. This job would be such a blessing to us!

Here’s to a week of humidity and sunshine! I just love summer.


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