This was such a full week that I didn’t take many pictures! Here’s what I’ve got:


I started my summer job on Tuesday. I decided to reward myself by stopping by the Raymore Farmer’s Market and picking up some treats from the Sassy Sisters booth!


I finished my first baby blanket this week! The yarn was difficult to work with, but really turned out cute and cuddly. I’m excited to see my little cousin wrapped up in it.


Mom, Grandma, Casie and I ventured to River Market to test out The Vietnam Cafe. Casie recommended the Pho Bo. It was like nothing I’d ever tasted! I love trying new things.


This weekend my family came in town for a baby/bridal shower weekend. We had a brunch and shower to celebrate my cousin’s new baby! Then in the afternoon we ate out at Ciao! Bella Ristorante and returned home for a shower. It was such a great weekend of fellowship with family.





What’s a girl’s weekend without some nail art?? These lovely nails belong to me, Haley, Jaclyn, and Casie!


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