Month: June 2012


Good morning, Monday.

First, a few things about life lately:

July is just a week away, and July is the month that I get married!

My new favorite thing lately is yoga. I had never tried it before, but my brother and I have gotten totally hooked this summer. It’s great strength training, which is good for me because I hate lifting weights!

I had my third bridal shower this past weekend. It was such a blessing to be surrounded by ladies that have supported me over the years. Plus we got some great stuff for our new home, like a microwave! Brad has somehow been surviving without one for the last three weeks. I think you don’t realize how much you use it until you don’t have one!

I’ve been chugging through my Summer To-Do List and my wedding to-do list. I got several projects done last week, and there are many on my list for this week! This week’s big project: flowers.

In other news, my mom’s family welcomed the first grandbaby into the world this week. My cousin had a 10-pound 3-ounces baby boy on Friday. He is such a blessing to our family!

Okay, enough jabbering. Insta-Monday:


My old roommate Kristen and I visited our good friend Ryan this week. We met at Arthur Bryant’s, then went and saw his new place!


This is the view from his downtown loft. The Kansas City Public Library is right across the street. So jealous!


We were walking around downtown, and we discovered a solar system model along the sidewalk. Odd, but interesting!


My brother and I spent some quality time with Dad and hit some golf balls. Yes, I was sore the next day.


Best friends.


My brother and his best friend played a baseball game against each other on Friday. Don’t worry, they are still best friends and we all got Sonic afterward.


So good to spend quality time with Brad this weekend, though short. I’m anxiously waiting the next time I see him.

Paint my nightstand

I have completed the first item on my Summer To-Do List! My old nightstand got a makeover for its new home in Springfield!



My BF and I had written verses and encouraging words on our nightstands four years ago to bring us smiles and inspiration at college. I loved it, but I want to get a completely different look for it this time around.



I’m on a budget, and, knowing me, I’ll be repainting this nightstand within the next couple of years, so I didn’t want to break the bank on paint. I went for the cheapest paint at Walmart. I used ColorPlace Interior Flat in Summer Sunflower. The finished product turned out to be brighter than the paint swatch was, but it still turned out well and I’m satisfied with the color.


This was at one coat of paint. I ended up doing three coats total.




My new nightstand! I really like how it turned out. I think it’s going to look great in our bedroom!

Also, my handsome man has been blogging himself lately. He’s the real writer, so you should take a look!


I’m very excited to say that Brad is making an appearance in this week’s Insta-Monday! Those were a long two weeks, but it’s comforting knowing the end is near. Just 41 more days until we say “I Do”! We had a blast this weekend looking at furniture and dreaming of decorating our home. Wedding planning has been constantly on my mind lately, but being with Brad instantly calmed my stress and I was able to really relax this weekend.

Also, we finally posted our engagement pictures on Facebook, so you should check them out!


I love summer and all the green it brings. We’ve got to enjoy it because by August it is usually looking pretty brown in Missouri.


This was such an awesome game to be at! I hadn’t seen that many people in the stadium at the end of a game in a long time. We didn’t get there in time to get a free T-shirt, but it was still a great evening of baseball and friends.



After the game we enjoyed some girl time. I’m so jealous of this apartment. It’s totally adorable!


Guess what… I’ve checked one thing off of my To-Do List! I’ll be blogging about my painting experience soon :)



A sneak peek at some wedding decorations!


We got our first wedding present in the mail this week! A lovely floor lamp. We are excited for our apartment to start filling up!


Do you remember seeing old commercials for these things?? I think they were supposed to jiggle the fat away. Oh the things you find at flea markets.


So sad to leave and go home. Very soon I’ll be in Springfield to stay!


I got my diploma in the mail!! I had been seeing others post on Facebook about getting theirs and I was hoping mine would be waiting for me when I got home!


I’ll be missing this guy this week. Please pray for him as he’s entering into the final interview for a job this week. This job would be such a blessing to us!

Here’s to a week of humidity and sunshine! I just love summer.


This was such a full week that I didn’t take many pictures! Here’s what I’ve got:


I started my summer job on Tuesday. I decided to reward myself by stopping by the Raymore Farmer’s Market and picking up some treats from the Sassy Sisters booth!


I finished my first baby blanket this week! The yarn was difficult to work with, but really turned out cute and cuddly. I’m excited to see my little cousin wrapped up in it.


Mom, Grandma, Casie and I ventured to River Market to test out The Vietnam Cafe. Casie recommended the Pho Bo. It was like nothing I’d ever tasted! I love trying new things.


This weekend my family came in town for a baby/bridal shower weekend. We had a brunch and shower to celebrate my cousin’s new baby! Then in the afternoon we ate out at Ciao! Bella Ristorante and returned home for a shower. It was such a great weekend of fellowship with family.





What’s a girl’s weekend without some nail art?? These lovely nails belong to me, Haley, Jaclyn, and Casie!

Summer To-Do List

Do you remember a few months ago I had a To-Do List? There were a few things I really wanted/ needed to get done, so I decided to blog about each one as it was completed. I think everyone has summer projects they hope to accomplish over these hot couple of months. Well summer is in full swing and I think it’s about time I get started on my list. So here it is! Now you better keep me accountable to get all of this done in the next 49 days!

Paint my nightstand: I have this really great nightstand that my mom picked up from a garage sale years ago. The summer after graduation, my best friend and I painted our own pieces of furniture in my backyard to bring with us to college. It was a trusty nightstand for the past four years, and I know it will continue to be in our new place! But I think it’s time for a makeover. The nightstand is getting painted!

Clean my closet: Okay maybe this should be called, ‘throw out half of what’s inhabiting my closet’, because that’s what needs to happen. I like to hide things in there that I don’t want to deal with at the moment, but there are a lot of good things in there, too. This is actually something I’m looking forward to, because it’s fun to look through old things and reminisce, but that also means it’s going to take a good amount of time. I need to give myself several afternoons to tackle this task!

Make our headboard: Whew. Huge project. This will probably be the most difficult and perhaps time consuming. My parents are graciously giving Brad and me a mattress and frame to use until we can buy our own. I’ve resolved to make a headboard to go with it. I’ve seen a lot of really neat headboards on Pinterest, and although challenging, I think I will be able to pull it off.

Wedding projects galore: Oh wedding projects. There are so many! Centerpieces, boutonnieres, card box, dessert table, guest book, signs, programs. Again, this is a huge task, but one I’m really looking forward to. Crafting my wedding is going to be a blast and you only get to do it once!

Alright, now let’s get to work!

The Bartletts’ Big Move

Brad and I OFFICIALLY have a place to call home in Springfield. We got a steal on a great duplex. My dad and brother helped me move my things from my Bolivar apartment last week and this Sunday Brad and I moved in his stuff! I hated leaving him there all by himself!

While packing up all of our things, it seemed as if we had so much stuff! Then when it came time to put all of our belongings away in our new place, we quickly realized that we may have a lot of stuff, but very little furniture. Therefore, our new place seems pretty bare at the moment, but I know we’ll quickly fill it with places to sit and many laughs.

Here are a few shots from the big move!



Moving out of the Loft!


Ready to hit the road! We barely got that mattress in there.


We made it to Springfield!


I think the most difficult part of the whole process was deciding where to put everything in the kitchen. I’m sure I’ll switch things around until I find the right fit!


Brad has a very lonely room for the next two months.


This is our we-don’t-know-where-to-put-this-right-now room.


Our coat closet. I think we need some more hangers.


Poor Brad. He needs me.


Our home!


I love this.


The first piece of decor.

I can’t tell you how excited I am to begin living here with Brad! I’m looking forward to making many memories in our first home.


Week two of Insta-Monday! This week was full of moving, invitations, traveling, and spending time with family.

Great news, I found a job! The Lord is always so faithful to provide. I start tomorrow so wish me luck!


I am currently reading The Meaning of Marriage by Tim Keller. It constantly points to the Gospel and what that means for our marriages. It’s a great read for engaged and married people. I about about halfway and I would definitely recommend it!


They are almost all sent out! The next item on my to-do list is to run up to the post office to buy more stamps for the last batch. I’m really excited to start getting RSVPs!


I officially moved out of Bolivar this week. It was a great home for two years and I have many treasured memories there, but I am looking forward to making new ones!


I’ll be a Bartlett in just 55 days!


This weekend we traveled four hours across Kansas for my cousin’s wedding. The scenery is pretty, but doesn’t change much.


My dad’s family is spread all across the country, so the wedding was a great time to spend time with family that we seldom get to see.


Brad and I have officially moved into our duplex and Brad spent his first night there last night. Our side is appropriately named B.


My grandma is in town this week, so we spent the afternoon at City Market. I’m looking forward to going to the farmer’s market this summer!