Working Girl

The whirlwind of graduation is officially over and I have stuffed all of my belongings back into my childhood bedroom. It seems I have reverted back to 15-year-old Katelyn, living at home with no job and no real plans for the day-to-day. Actually, that’s not the real truth. I even had a job when I was 15.

Upon my arrival at my parents’ house, it hit me that I had done nothing to secure a job for myself for the next two months. I suddenly had a moment of panic just at the thought of being such an unproductive human being this summer. Even worse, I really hate asking my parents for money. “Hey I know I’m 22 and a college graduate, but can I have 20 bucks to go out to eat and see a movie?” Heck no.

So the job hunt has begun.

While scrolling through craigslist and working on the mountain of laundry that is turning my bedroom into an episode of hoarders, I’ve been thinking about my past positions of employment and it made me realize something.

I’ve had a lot of jobs.

Nine to be exact. I guess that may not be that many compared to some other people, but I think holding down 9 jobs since age 14 is pretty decent. I worked a lot in high school, and I managed to be consistently employed at at least one job, and often two, while in college. Do you know someone whose parent believes that “school is a full time job”? Maybe you have parents like that and you’ve never worked a day in your life. That sounds pretty nice at first, but honestly, I don’t envy you.

I missed a lot of school events, time spent with friends, and even sleep to be at work, but I gained a lot too. I know it sounds cheesy and like something your grandpa would tell you, but having a job creates responsibility and builds character. Someone is counting on you to be somewhere at a certain time to do a task, and if you aren’t there, consequences follow. Not only did I learn the generic name for Zocor, I learned a lot about people. People want to be heard and helped genuinely, even if you feel like you don’t have the time. I also learned how not to treat the lowly pharmacy tech or the girl refilling your drinks.

Getting a job isn’t easy, and sticking with a job you hate is even more difficult. I’ve had stressful jobs, fun jobs, and jobs I hated, but I learned something from them all. Value your job and work to be the best at whatever it is. You never know what impact the people you experience there may have in your life.


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